What’s In This Label: petal confetti and bees with capes on!


It’s an ugly UGLY world out there. This morning I’m full of the Duggar news, quotes from outrageously ignorant asshole politicians, more unarmed black people being shot by police, racist bullshit explaining how come it’s always a black person’s fault when they’re killed by white people but how it’s also their fault when white people get killed and how basically racism is also their fault, and animal cruelty is still going strong, xenophobia is like everyone’s secondary religion, and women are simultaneously responsible for everything wrong with men’s lives.

It’s a disgusting, disheartening, and terrible place wherever humans congregate.

I was going to write a whole post about how much God obviously hates women and children, how nature hates all of us, how – but then I thought I’d share my first complete new label for my apothecary business instead. I’m excited about it. It’s not cool old-timey apothecary style which I originally wanted. It’s not streamlined deco, which was another direction I thought of taking it. It’s not uber-clever which is good because I’m not either. Nor does it have an element of medieval chic.

What it IS is new green like spring. It’s covered in delicate dog rose blossoms. It’s fresh and pretty and light and hopeful.

I don’t have magical powers, (which is good because I’m not sure I could be trusted with them), and I can’t cure anyone of anything major like cancer. Maybe to some that sounds like anti-promotion but what this business is to me is an opportunity to help people heal their everyday hurts and discomforts. I want to be part of that! It’s an opportunity to cover chapped lips with soothing healing lip balm so that they can go forth and say good things and kiss kitten bellies or taste the healing salt air without a sting. I want to be part of that! It’s an opportunity to give those people feeling low with oncoming colds a boost of support and warmth with healing invigorating syrups so they can feel less pain and heal faster. I want to be part of that! It’s an opportunity to offer the calm quiet of a cup of herbal tea to people who are feeling overwhelmed with stress and sorrow.


I look at my business name and label and I see spring petals falling like delicate tissue confetti onto fields full of young plantain, bees weathering the wind like caped crusaders, and the tang of sudden hard rains that pass so quickly the sun never stops shining through it. I hear mourning doves cooing on the power lines in my neighborhood inviting me backwards through time into my mother’s garden to the first moment I discovered that carnations smell like clean spiced laundry, that irises smell vaguely like sex and death, and that eating strawberries before they ripened was better than eating dipped cones in Lithia park. My labels make me think of what’s good in the world, of what’s healing, and of what’s possible.

These labels aren’t at all what I originally imagined. They’re way better.

I’m knee deep in freshly shelled fava beans and have about 10 batches of fava bean cakes left to make and freeze. I’ve got new scents to blend for bath bombs and soaps. I’ve got a new bath soak to make with NO lavender for my friend Tarrant and all those who, like her, can’t have or don’t want lavender in their soothing bath soak. I’ve got a seat cover to make for my Vespa. I’ve got tea blends to formulate and taste test. I’ve got novels to write. I’ve got brochures to write.

No more letting the bad crap inside my day. Or yours.

I call sanctuary!

May your weekend be filled with petal confetti and love. And also maybe some delicious pickles.



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