What to Wear When Rejected by Literary Agents

What to Wear When Rejected by Literary Agents


Obviously being rejected by literary agents is a dark time and therefore it is appropriate to wear all black. You want to give the impression of an author in mourning.
During this difficult time it is wise to wear boots to give you extra support, dark sunglasses to hide your running mascara, a practical messenger bag to carry your rejected (but obviously brilliant) manuscript around in so you can pull it out dramatically wherever you are and look important (people with big manuscripts always look important) and a long flowy dress to remind people that you are a delicate creative being (this will make people who dis your writing feel guilty) and obviously you need a jacket to prevent your getting consumption.


  1. angelina says:

    I think they called it a “parachute” dress – so I’m thinking they couldn’t have possibly used any more fabric! (But you’re probably teasing). I love it but that lack of top coverage is solved by the wee jacket. (Please note: I do not wear any leather clothes and won’t ever. I do wear leather shoes. Anyway – I’m imagining that jacket in a waxed canvas or a stiff linen.)

    Oh – Belinda! That dress would be perfect for you right now! I just realized that. You could wear it for a holiday party!

    (This is where you make a little prayer “Please universe: never let Angelina dress me. EVER. Amen.”)

  2. 🙂

    No prayers required (at least for the dress, maybe the boots as they’re really not me)… if I could find a designer that would create clothes that lovely for someone my size I’d be there in a heartbeat, and my husband would love me for it(well, probably not at the pricetag but let’s just say he digs that look too).

    As it is there is part of me that is seriously considering trying to either work out or study this whole pattern making thing cause even the stuff they offer in patterns are seriously uninspired…….


  3. angelina says:

    Oh man – YES – commercial patterns can be quite depressing. Particularly for ladies of substantial form. Pattern drafting is pretty awesome. I wish I knew how to instruct people in it online but I don’t have the fortitude or time to devise a way to do that satisfactorily. I love draping – draping is really wonderful for garments like that amazing dress up there. But that requires a dress form and good ones you can use for draping in my size are also difficult to come by. If you’re good at math then drafting is actually something you can learn well from books. I have one I can recommend if you ever decide to pursue it.

    The boots… sigh. I do love boots. Work boots, riding boots, motorcycle boots, some heeled boots. Just about the only boots I don’t like are cowboy boots. And I don’t think they’re bad fashion at all – they’re just 100% NOT my style. Oh, and I don’t like those baggy boots that look like, well, bags.

  4. Skye says:

    “I think they called it a “parachute” dress – so I’m thinking they couldn’t have possibly used any more fabric!”

    Um, hello, what about the TWO PARACHUTE DRESS? One for the dress, one for the trail of lamentations in its wake.

  5. angelina says:

    Ooooh – now if only Polyvore would expand its image offerings to include stigmata, crowns of thorns, and the tombs of great men and women – how much more we could express ourselves properly with fashion!

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