What to Wear Foraging for Nettles

What to Wear Foraging for Nettles

Foraging for nettles is a gentle activity but the most important thing you must keep in mind is that other people are doing less gentle activities in the woods with guns. To prevent an unfortunately early demise it is advisable to wear really bright colors on your person so that you don’t accidentally look like a dear or a bear or a duck.

Early spring is a muddy time of year unless you live in an arid climate, in which case you won’t be finding any nettles in the first place. Wear wellies to keep your socks dry. They have the added benefit of protecting you from being stung by the nettles.

You can cut nettles with scissors, of course, but you will take your adventure more seriously if you cut them with an actual knife. The added benefit of using a knife is that if you run into any hunters specifically seeking out chic nettle foragers you will be armed with something more intimidating than scissors.

You will observe the absence of gloves. Do you suppose that if you had to survive in the woods you would be clever enough to remember to bring gloves? If you meditate on the activity you are engaged in and become one with the nettles you’ll probably still get stung but you’ll feel very relaxed about it.

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