The best medicine for depression is as unquantifiable as love


Sometimes we have to stop talking, stop breathing, stop thinking so we can hear the shadows singing to us under its sweet breath. Sometimes a voice reaches us that is so gentle, so ethereal that we travel across a weightless universe into new skin. People like me need new skin as often as we need new arrows.


You feel let down, sorrowful, destitute. I know there’s no easy answer for this ague, I know there’s no cure or water to drink against the terrible dark we face every day. But perhaps there are sounds so angelic that some of us can feel love in the barracks when we’re standing on the sharp edge of yesterday.

This imperfect life is colorful if completely painful and suffocating.

If you’re standing on the edge of a precipice in your life right now, if you’re thinking about jumping into the dark merciful death you’ve been dreaming silently of for years – I still love you. I AM you. You aren’t alone. It isn’t just me that hears you, understands you, and values you – it’s all of us. We are many.

I would like you to stay with us another day. Maybe just another few minutes. Whatever you can give us. We want you here with us. No one can understand you as well as your brethren in emotional perpetuity.

The best medicine for depression is as unquantifiable love.

But it has sound. Many sounds.

Share yours with me.

Share yours with US.

This is mine for you:

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

This is what love feels like.

The end.

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