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Come Hear My Talk at the McMinnville Library!

No, this is not all you get to eat on the local eating challenge.  You can also eat tomatoes.

I’ll be talking about eating locally.  I’ll give you some tips to make it easier and reassure you that eating locally doesn’t make you into an arrogant asshole.  I will even have a power-point presentation.  (Provided I can learn power-point in two days.)


Thursday, July 28th

7 pm in the Carnegie Room

McMinnville Public Library

Slow Foods Yamhill County is challenging its members to do a 2 week 100 mile diet challenge and I’m going to speak to them about my own experience doing the 100 mile diet for 10 months.  I’m going to discuss my reasons for doing it, how I set my challenge up, what I learned and kept from the experience, and give some tips on finding out where things are grown.  I will endeavor to refrain from passing out.  I will also do my best not to throw up.  (Have I mentioned recently my extreme – very common- phobia of public speaking?)

So if you’re local – come join me!

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