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What to Wear to Whip 2013 into Submission

New Year's Eve - how to kick 2013's ***


Let’s not beat around the bush – 2012 was a thumping BITCH of a year for most of us.  This is why it’s imperative to start 2013 off with the right attitude.  You need to be ready to KICK ITS ASS TO THE CURB before it wedges its boot up yours.

Always start with your head – put a tiara on it.  A big one.  The more you look like a snow queen with no feelings the better – chill the shit out of 2013 with a single look.

It’s wise not to go too punk rock because you don’t want to suggest that you can’t kick ass in a dress – if you don’t know how to kick ass in a dress that needs to be your first goal of the year: learn to throw a hard hook while wearing a gown.  Know how to deliver a side kick in long skirts.  Go with a sequined short dress and wear a fetching long skirt underneath.

The message is: “You want my Gi-Gi?  You’re going to have to get through my layers first – and I’m not talking about my damn skirt!”

A little edge to keep your look from getting too curly is good – this can be accomplished with a leather or metal cuff.  Spikes may offer a good side-blow to your hook.

Shoes: must be flats.  Don’t give me that bullshit about kicking ass in 5″ heels.  I’ve seen you all try to run in your spikes.  Would you run a marathon in Manolos?  2013 is going to be a marathon and you need to win it.  Go with ballet flats or boots or sneakers – sequins, leather, ruffles, bows – it doesn’t matter how you fluff them up – but keep your feet connected to the earth and you will have 2013 whipped like cream.

Cheers t0 2013 being everything you make it be!