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What to Wear to Winco

What to Wear to Winco

Oasis vintage top, £40
Cape coat, £245
InWear mini shorts, £60
T KEES flip flop shoes, $55
Linda Macdonald silver jewelry, £55
Mango cat eye sunglasses, £35

Flip flops or bedroom slippers are a must.

Shorts or tight pants are a must (the shorter and tighter the better, respectively)

Your goal is to juxtapose your ratty indoor private look with your more chic grocery shopping look.

I don’t do tight pants or short shorts but I would do curlers in my hair, flip flops and shorts (in all weather), and the cape adds just the right soupcon of elegance to “balance out” the casual look of curlers and flip flops. (I opted out of slippers because I don’t wear them ever)