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What’s Making Me Happy Right Now (March 2013)

my handy bicycle

What’s Making Me Happy Right Now:

  • My bicycle.  I rode my bicycle to do some errands, to go to the local nursery, and to a friend’s house this week.  I feel ridiculous on it and I’m pretty sure some middle school kids called me “Porker” as I rode by but ignoring all that – I love my bicycle so much and I love riding around town on it.
  • Nurseries.  The nursery down the street from us is outrageously expensive so I can’t do much garden shopping there but all nurseries are happy places for me so visiting the local one even when not buying much is so peaceful and enjoyable.
  • I have a packet of alpine strawberry seeds.  I need to pot them up.  Such a diminutive fruit with so much flavor is a reminder that goodness comes in all sized packages.  Apply that wisdom as you please.
  • Friends.  All of them.  I am so lucky in my friends.  Some fellow escapees from McMinnville were in town yesterday and we got to hang out with them for several hours and it was fantastic.  Hanging out with people who make you feel good, who make you laugh, who enjoy you in all your guises, and who you can be yourself around – this is one of the most fundamental ingredients for a good life.  You don’t even need very many friends – but you need friends like this.
  • I’m ordering a whole roll of dot pattern paper from a friend.  I’m so excited about this!  I can draft anything I want to for years to come without having to worry about running out.  500 feet of it!  It’s a drafting tool I find indispensable.
  • Having a few over-shirts to wear.  I have 4 now.  I don’t know that they’re at all flattering but they are comfortable and utilitarian just as I need them to be.
  • Being able to pay my bills.  Simple pleasures.  Things still get tight some weeks but for the first time in years I know that if I can’t pay the bill today, I’ll be able to pay it in two weeks.  The fear that this comfort will come to an end with either me or Philip losing our jobs never completely goes away – but all I can really do is appreciate this respite from constant financial dread while we have it.  It’s lovely.

What’s making you happy right now?