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Vacation, Business Cards, and Raising the Next Tarantino

I leave tomorrow morning for Southern California.  I have not gotten my business cards yet.  I really need them.  The package requires a signature.  This is one of those times when I really wish I had a doorbell.  And maybe that I didn’t have a ghetto gate instead of a proper and easy way to get to the front door.  Which we actually don’t use.  Everyone uses the kitchen door.  In order to encourage the mail-person to come knock on the “front” door I must be sure the dogs are locked inside.  Especially Chick who will hurtle herself over ten feet walls to get at anyone daring to enter our yard.  Only twice in three years has any mailman been brave enough to enter the ghetto gate to actually knock on the door.

So I hope it’s fairly clear why I’m feeling a little anxious this morning.  I’m writing a note to the mail-person right now explaining that I will die of shame if I go to the Blogher conference yet again without business cards.  It is the height of ridiculous to go to a networking event without cards.  If the mailperson doesn’t get a signature he’ll take them back to the post office after he’s done with his route and it won’t really be available to me until tomorrow for pick up.  But I’ll already be on a flight out of town.

The biggest blessing is that it’s not supposed to be hot while I’m in Southern CA.   It’s almost as if the universe heard my pleas and decided to give me a break.  Now that I’ve said that I’m sure a surprise inferno will streak across San Diego and Santa Monica.

In other news, we met up with my friend Taj and her partner Joey at the Kennedy School while they were in town last weekend and we had a great time!  Max and Philip came with us and Max made them a little comic.  It’s very violent, of course.  Joey posted it on Reddit and it’s gotten a ton of comments.  Both good and bad.  Lots of it is amusing.  If you want to see it you can check it out:

Max Asserts That Ice Cream is Superior to Cheese

Here are some things people are saying about it.

I’m really surprised by some of the comments about how kids can get arrested for drawing pictures like this.  It’s my opinion that the more you repress the expression of violence the more you encourage actual violence.  Being able to express it, apply humor to it, and understand its place in our world, the less likely you are to need to exert actual violence.  I really don’t think that most of the world’s most violent criminals and monsters drew violent comics prior to committing heinous crimes.  I don’t believe it’s an indication of maladjustment.  It’s surreal that all those people are talking about MY SON.  I may need to become a member of Reddit just so I can take part in the conversation.

So what do you think?  Is he the next Tarantino or the next Columbine kid?

OR the next Jim Henson?

Wilkins Coffee Commercial

Seriously, get a load of that violent puppet persuasion.  (“If you don’t drink this coffee you will be blown up…” yowza!  And notice how parents across the states feel damn warm and fuzzy about him? )

Well, I have some sewing to do so I’m off.