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The Last Summer Weekend

I have been buried underneath all my stuff.  I spent months getting rid of stuff – (remember?) – thousands of pounds of stuff and Philip comes back from Oregon with a fresh crap-ton of it.  How is it possible?!  I’ve been trying to get it all put away (or thrown out) and it feels endless.  That’s probably because at the same time I’m dealing with the house chaos I have also had to scramble to get Max registered for school which has been a huge effort.  I had to find some files which obviously required that I go through ALL my files accumulated from the last 12 years and clean that shit out.  OUT.  I’ve gotten rid of 90% of my old files.  I did find a few of the documents I was actually looking for while doing that big clean-out.  It felt great going through that stuff and tossing it.

Except that I can’t really toss it.  Now it’s a new project – it must be shredded.  We have a wimpy paper shredder but to use that for this shred job would constitute a considerable commitment in time which I don’t have so much of what with needing to get a 504 set up for Max, school starting on Monday, cooking to do, work to do, book editing, and I actually have a social life again…

That all sounds like complaining.  I’m not complaining – I’m just TELLING.  It’s been a bit mad around here, that’s all.  But not the same awful way it was mad before the move.  It’s all madness with good outcomes, foreseeable benefits, and results.  I have my curtains hung!  Our living room (very cozy tiny affair) is set up in what used to be the dining room.  My office is almost all unpacked!

I do want to complain about the super deep crack in my skin on the bottom of my foot that has been causing me much pain for the last several days.  I apply comfrey salve to it and haven’t gone to the gym and am trying not to worry it – but it keeps busting open and bleeding.  Today I think I’ll seek out a butterfly bandaid for it if I can find a really small one.  I also want to complain about the fact that my scooter needs so much work right now.  Wait – but on the flip side – at least the place that fixes them is only three blocks away!  That’s totally convenient.

In other news – Philip really doesn’t want me to learn to drive a car.  In the way that I really don’t want him to eat meat.  I love that he doesn’t want me to ever drive a car in my life.  (No – it’s not that he thinks I’d be a danger to myself or others – he’ll tell you himself he knows I’d be an excellent driver of cars just as I am of scooters.)  Unfortunately I think, for the first time in my life, I really have need to drive a car.

This is the last weekend before school starts for Max and I’m not going to lie: I’m terrified of what this school year will be like for him.  And me.  He’s going to have homework again.  Which means not only torture for him – but for ME as well.  I’ve already met with the school counselor who seems like a really sharp and kind guy and the assistant principal was in on the meeting and he also seems really caring and smart.  So that’s encouraging.  We went to school orientation yesterday and I must say that I really love that his new school is a hundred times more diverse than his old one with regard to ethnicity.  Part of the assistant principal’s speech was in Spanish and I really loved that.  The school is also (literally) half a block from our house so there’s no school commute.

There are a few people reading Cricket and Grey online and it’s such a relief that it’s not falling into completely empty space.  Better than that – those same few people have said they’re enjoying it and looking forward to new chapters – this is the best thing in the world to me.  Thank you for telling me you’re enjoying it – knowing you’re looking forward to more makes publishing the chapters so much more enjoyable!

Take it easy this weekend folks!