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A Letter to the Creators of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Dear Creators of Game of Thrones,

Last night I rented the first disc of the first season of your show because I was hoping for some good old fashioned geeky fantasy-style entertainment.  Boy oh boy did you deliver the goods!  I got wild wolves getting adopted by a semi-royal family (one for each kid and a runt for the bastard child of the head of the family – how awesome is that?!), a cool mix of iron-age and medieval costuming, lots of morally corrupt adults and a couple of possibly not morally corrupt children to pin all the hopes of humanity on, and white haired dethroned royalty in exile with savages – and that brings me to my first difficult to shake irritation.

Why is fiction that is written and produced by westerners still predictably making the bad people in their stories in the likeness of middle eastern people?  I’m so sick of this awful racist crap.  All those scenes of the white haired princess being married off to the brutal savage who is all swarthy-sweaty-Arabian-ish darkness?  Seriously?  And all that re-enactment of rape with those mostly naked ladies and the killing of the men presented as wedding entertainment and the presentation of the snakes – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  You really had to have a basket of snakes?  I’ve only seen three episodes so far but it’s looking like the white haired princess is going to teach her savage rapist husband the ways of “civilized” people.  REALLY?!  Supposedly the reason he only screws her through the back door is because that’s how they do it with their slaves.  Except that that’s obviously not true or all the other non-savage western and “civilized” characters would be having sex face to face, which none of them are.

That brings me to my main and insurmountable irritation with your show.  The non-stop graphic sex.  First of all – I’m not a voyeur.  I don’t like watching people have sex.  I don’t like listening to them have sex.  I’ve had to hear room-mates having sex and hear my parents having sex and I’ve had the misfortune to walk in on people having sex and you know what?  Unless you’re the one having sex – sex is not pretty and it sure as hell isn’t sexy.  Second of all – even if I was a voyeur (as, apparently, most people are) I would like to point out that doggie-style sex is especially unappealing.  Clearly I don’t need to beat about the bush trying to find delicate ways of putting this – since you all have written/directed/acted out hundreds of graphic sex scenes in the creation of this show.  I can see how doggie-style sex is a great position for men: you get a woman on her hands and knees – in a totally submissive position – enhanced by the fact that she can’t look you in the face and you get to stay standing which gives you leverage for your pleasure and a sense of power.  When it comes to the best most pleausrable position for women – this one is NOT it.  Not unless your partner is working very hard to include all your bits which are not typically reached in this position (I’m talking about the clitoris and breasts if you didn’t know that already).  Your male characters are clearly doing nothing to enhance this position for their partners (since you show sex in such detail in your show I would know if they were making an effort – but they’re not) and every single sex scene is in the doggie-style position.  So I’m watching this show of yours and find I hate all the men.  ALL THE MEN.  Because they aren’t interested in any other possibly more enjoyable positions for their women.  It’s selfish, it means their sex is about power, and it means all the women in the show like being submissive.

You’re going to point out that Daeneris gets on top of her savage.  So – one woman demanding that her man stop treating her like a beast is all the nod we need to women actually mattering in this show?  FUCK YOU!

What it boils down to is that this story is written by a man.  Written by a man who really loves the powerful visual of men making women get on their hands and knees for sex.  I don’t like this man.  I don’t like the kind of story this man writes.  I don’t like the way you produced and directed this story of his.

So you suck.  All you creators of this show.  When all your female characters rise up and demand better sex – I MIGHT give your show another chance.  But probably not.


Angelina – who loves fantasy fiction when there’s less explicit sex in it or at least when there’s more variety of sexual positions or at least when there’s a lot less rape or at least one couple having sex because they love each other but mostly who thinks sex is private which is why she doesn’t have sex in her front yard and hopes no one else does either.