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List 5 Personal Hygiene Products You Can’t Live Without in a Post Apocalyptic Situation

5 Personal Hygiene Products I Can’t Live Without in a Post Apocalyptic Situation:

1.  Dental Floss

2.  Toothbrush

3.  Q-tips

4.  Nail Clippers (the kind with the lousy emery board attached)

5.  Toothpaste

I use lotion every single day of my life several times a day but I figure I can make my own substitutes for this .  Ditto lip balm, soap, shampoo, and deodorant.  But I can’t stand to have baking soda in my mouth and I can’t make my own toothpaste.  There’s no way I can make my own dental floss or fashion a pair of nail clippers.  And nothing can clean ears better than Q-tips.

I will have to stockpile these items.

Your turn.  What 5 items of personal hygiene couldn’t you live without in a post apocalyptic situation?