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How Things are Just the Same as They Always Were

I know that many people think the world is going mad what with all the technology tossing us on our asses and changing how we do everything including how we communicate and relate to each other.  We’re appalled at the political upheaval and the rash douche-baggery of political candidates and we’re pissed at previous ones who failed to meet our expectations.  We’re stunned by the level of violence that humans inflict on each other.  We can’t believe the diseases that are wiping people we love out and express outrage at the universe for having methods of killing us off that we can’t control and we DEMAND cures for everything.  We are horrified at natural signs of aging including (but not limited to) getting wrinkles, sagging, aching, failing eyesight and hearing, increased frailty, memory loss, and increased confusion and griping.

The thing is – none of this is new.

Look up: the black plague, Salem witch hunts, the industrial revolution of the 1800’s and how that made everyone over 30 feel EXACTLY THE SAME as everyone over 30 feels now about new technology.  Look up: the things Genghis Khan did, the ice age, extinction of the dinosaurs, the crusades, and the Great Famine.

The only real difference I can tell between now and TIME IMMEMORIAL is that it’s all happening at an accelerated speed and there is one main reason for that: we’ve never had more people on this planet before.  The planet is suffering a plague of humans.  The more people you have the more pressure is put on the earth’s resources which, in case you didn’t get the memo a few decades ago, are LIMITED.  We can’t increase the earth’s circumference nor can we force it to produce more of the basic resources that humans need for survival.  Like all pests, we’ll live on top of each other and claw each other’s eyes out to get at available water and food and then we’ll sit around in horrified wonderment at all the disease and violence as though it’s all a big mystery.

So anyway – I don’t know about you, but I may feel sorrow at all the evil shenanigans that are killing people off in this world but I sure as hell don’t feel any surprise.

That’s most of what’s on my mind this morning after reading everyone’s links on Facebook.  After reading my first 50 blog posts of the day.

It all makes me feel like committing and act of kindness today just to add to the collective karmic balance of human beings.  Feel free to join me!