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Burqas, pedal vehicles, and Tap Dance

I went to the Santa Rosa Wednesday Market which runs all summer and the first thing I saw was this group of tap dancers.  It was surprising and funny and totally endearing.  Most of the Wednesday Market is just food vendors rather than farmers with produce.  There used to be way more produce stands than there are now.  I think it’s become more of a social evening on the streets and an excuse to eat street food (I’m pretty sure I saw a funnel cakes vendor but I’m hoping I imagined that).  I might write more about the produce scene on Stitch.

Some things I’ve been meaning to share:

The other day I saw six pigeon toed people within a one hour period.  At least four of them were spotted at Target.

As I was coming home via Mendocino Avenue the other evening, just about to cross College Avenue I saw a pedaled vehicle being driven by a woman in a burqa and the long loose garments traditional Muslim women wear.  The vehicle had four wheels and two rows of bench seats on which 3 blue eyed children were sitting (all wearing hijabs but not burqas).  Behind this curious pedaled cart there was a baby trailer, the kind you commonly find on bicycles.  The children were looking at my Vespa as curiously as I was looking at their cart which had pulled fully into traffic.  It really was a most wonderful sight.

I was behind a truck the other day whose business and phone number were printed on the back.  I think I might have laughed out loud.  His business was called “Steele Erection”

My body doesn’t smell like it used to.*  It’s disconcerting.  The only other time this happened was when I was pregnant.  It’s not that I started stinking or anything like that.  I just smelled different to myself.  It’s happened again and I find it disconcerting.  My theory is that this is related to my hormones which must be shifting.  I am now almost completely certain that I’ve begun peri-menopause.  (Not just based on this, obviously, but on other factors as well.)  If you are either going through the same or have already gone through menopause and know what I’m talking about – please share with me in the name of curiosity and science.

I just remembered that when I was at the Wednesday Market I also saw a teen girl dressed up as a baby girl all in white with a white parasol and there was a guy (teen?  Not teen?  Not sure.) who was paying her court, as it were.  I desperately wanted to snap a picture of them but I panicked because they scared me.  Were they doing some kind of performance art?  Were they just wacky kids dressing up?  WHAT WAS THEIR DEAL?!

Time for me to go clean the kitchen and try to cook some food so I don’t gnaw off my own hand the next time I want cheese and remember that there’s no cheese in the house now.

Have a great Tuesday!

It’s either peri-menopause or cancer.**

*Yes.  I’m talking about my ladybits.  Trying to be discreet-ish while being completely public for the sake of curiosity and science.

**Or maybe it’s the result of a food allergy.***

***Shut up.