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The First Day of Summer

First of all, because this is very very important, I want to say that I’m almost certain I lost a few grey cells to the heat of the first day of summer.  It was a WHOPPING 80º today.  (That isn’t the degree symbol, is it?  I can’t tell, my eyes are bleary from the waves of sunshine…)  So on the first official day of summer I got myself my official first sunburn.

I also bought, after some agonizing amounts of research, a new point & shoot camera.  I got the Canon S95.  I would like to observe that getting a new camera is like starting a new affair.  There is so much awkwardness in handling, fidgeting with the features, and learning its limitations (or my own).  Naturally the manual is very brief because they’ve supplied me with a disc to read.  I don’t like that.  I like paper manuals. I hope we’re going to fall in love.  Otherwise I might become bitter and leave it for a Nikon.

I’m working on a freelance project that has  been filling my head today as I prepared to get going on the first post.  I’m helping my friend Autumn build up some content on her corset blog.  Remember how I tried to get my own fashion blog going but then decided it I didn’t need 500 blogs to manage?  I still love design and especially historical design so I’m excited to write some posts for them.  I just posted the first one.  I didn’t do any actual writing for this one, just uploading, editing, and arranging.  However, I think you should go look at it because the customer being highlighted is a) gorgeous b) has brows so amazing I want to hate her and c) has on the most wonderful corset whose design was inspired by a photograph of a tea set.

Dark Garden customer highlight: Carla Gonzalez

Go on- who doesn’t want to look at gorgeous women in corsets?  Only dead people.  Or total prudes.  Or 85% of the people in my town.*  I am planning to do some posts on design influences and also some corset history because in case any of you still don’t know it, I happen to love historical undergarments and in one of my many fantasy lives I was a lingerie designer.  Autumn actually did it.  I stopped working with her because I planned to run away on a cruise to write cutting poetry while mopping decks and arranging pretty people on lounge chairs while secretly plotting how I might commit the perfect-

I ate two small avocados today.  That was like eating one giant one.  This makes me want to listen to my 78 record of the Andrews Sisters singing the Avocado Song.  I don’t have a 78 record player anymore though.  If you knew what else I ate you would understand how come I think I’ll just skip dinner.

I hope you all were out there turning into lobsters and roasted chestnuts in the hot sunshine since that’s what so many of you love to do.  (Except for those of you who are like me, and I know who you are, we will huddle in the shade and dream of snow machines together…)

Summer has begun.


*That is SO unfair of me to make up such a lie-ful number.  It’s really only the modest dressers in my town who don’t want to see gorgeous women in elaborate undergarments.  So let’s call it 76%.  And then if you subtract the ones who really do want to look at underwear on people with perfect eyebrows but who won’t admit it, we’re talking more like 13% of the people in my town.