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What To Wear While Spring Cleaning

What To Wear While Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your house can be an emotional and exhausting activity so it is therefor imperative that you dress in cheerful colors that will prevent you from spiraling into a decline when you uncover disturbing things like fossilized gummy bears in your costume jewelry box and the “pottery” you made in 8th grade that you used as a weapon against your old roommate.

It is time to purge these things from your life and to do this you will need copious amounts of tissue NOT because it’s so sad to let go of your childhood artifacts that you don’t even remember liking when you were a child but because the dust will KILL you!

A scarf or hat to hold your hair out of your watering eyes is recommended. Keeping shoes on during this activity is also recommended because you will have to make many trips to the garbage in the storms spring brings.

Comfort is key but you must be sure not to dress as shabbily as the crap you’re getting rid of.

Lastly, do wear some form of acorn on your person because it is a sign of strength and good luck and you’re going to need lots of that!