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A Whole Lotta Ugly: Spring Fashion 2013

Ugly Fashion

A couple of these items are not from the Spring 2013 collections.  All of them are, in my opinion, HIDEOUS.  Here are some notes I’m taking as I go through the Spring fashion magazines:

I didn’t previously have an opinion on Proenza Schouler but suddenly they are putting women in boxy ugy sleeveless jean-jacket style vests (not just boxy, more like putting women in BIG BOXES) and low slung hole punched leather skirts and my all time favorite “shoe” the tall toeless boot.  Why do they suddenly hate women so much?

Prada – what is up with the gross furs with the bright red splotches?!  Not mod.  It’s ugly ugly ugly!  Also – stop with the furs!  NO FURS.  I usually like Prada.  They make great sunglasses that I always wish I owned.  I’m hating this season’s collection pretty thoroughly.

Etro – continuing to vomit color and pattern all over bodies in the most indiscriminate way.  Garish, gross, hideous.

icb – is giving Etro a run for their money.  Why you hate women so much?!

Juicy Couture – always promoting tasteless hooker style.  Going strong this season.  I was going to say something about the rhinestones on sweat-clothes but have decided there’s no point.

Eileen Fisher – just surprised me.  This is not a designer that I generally pay attention to.  I really like the outfit in the Vogue ad – the striped sweater and the harem pant.  Really nice.  That’s something I’d wear.  Love it.  Not sure what the rest of her line looks like but now I’m interested.

Versace.  Oh lord.  Still making clothes for rich women who want to look sexy and oily and trashy but still very very rich.

Miu Miu is delivering some really nice style this season.  Also enjoying some pieces from Dolce and Gabbana – the striped cotton suit and the rose accessories are both really good.

I LOVE Carolina Herrera’s silk faille blouse with the long black skirt.  Herrera rarely disappoints me – her clothes are really feminine without being patronizingly girlish.  Very elegant and classic without being staid or boring.

Alexander McQueen!  I’m still so sad about his death but his top designer is doing a really great job of carrying on the line in, I think, the same spirit of rebellion and fun that McQueen has always been known for.  Opulence with humor and innovation.  This is the best of Brittish fashion in my opinion and I’ve enjoyed that Duchess Kate has worn McQueen on a number of occasions.

That’s all I’ve got today.  Now it’s time to get dressed and then draft some pockets for a shirt I just drafted and do a sample sewing to see how well it might work.  I spent yesterday evening drafting and it was so enjoyable.  Will be better if it actually works out well.  I watched Foyle’s War while I worked – a great show for sewing and drafting to.