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Notes on the Bus to San Francisco

taking notes

Notes from my bus trip into San Francisco from Santa Rosa on 10/12/12

Dummest thing ever:  dude lighting a bong while driving down 101.

Seen:  small farm near the freeway whose fence was topped by at least 6 buzzards.

First thing I’m wishing I hadn’t forgotten to bring: Ricolas.

Wondering if I have any errant chin hairs for other passengers to stare at.  Wondering if I should have left one for them?  Lots of oliander here.  Not sure I saw any the whole time I was in Oregon.

Rhonert Park is a worse pit than I remember it being.

So glad I don’t live in Cotati.

Just realizing that since moving back I haven’t left Sonoma County once-until today.  Going down 101 is reminding me of years riding down this Hwy.  My sense of “home” extends all the way from Santa Rosa down to S.F.

dirty bus window

Eucalyptus!  Olives!  Brown hills!  (Eh – I love the green of Oregon – but still – the brown of CA is familiar and in its own way beautiful)

Happy I don’t live in Petaluma even though I loved it back then.

Newest passenger who just sat in front of me smells like bubble gum.

Masses of roses near the tracks at the old Petaluma train depot – gorgeous!

I don’t love the smell of bubble gum.

I want to go to Rareseeds!

This bus takes a tortuously long time to get through Pet.

Just saw a plush banana the size of an 8 yr old child on the ground near the bus stop cafe.  Surprising.

Looking forward to putting my feet in the freezing cold Pacific ocean.

Glad I don’t live in Novato.

Sour looking lady just got on the bus.

bus on the bridge

After all these years I still don’t wish I had a penis.

Bubble gum smell is really bothering me.

Listening to Dylan going down 101.

Need fresh air.  I can tell because I keep taking really deep breaths.  I think I must be annoying other passengers because I keep letting it out loudly.

I just remembered the first time I visited SF with my mom after the last time I moved back from Oregon.

San Rafael.  Glad I don’t live here.  (Though I’ve always loved it)  Too bad bubble gum lady isn’t getting off.

I was 15 1/2 the first time I fell for San Francisco.

The San Rafael bus depot is a strong reminder that not all of Marin County is wealthy or white or precious or label-conscious or thin or pretty.

Corte Madera.  Glad I don’t live here anymore but it still makes me happy to see it pass by.

Someone nearby has already laid into the alcohol.  Can smell it.

Mill Valley!  Tiburon!  Strawberry!  Marin City!  (Still can’t and never will get used to the shopping mall replacing the flea market.)

It’s so expensive to cross the bridge now!  $6.00 – no wonder the bus fare has gone up.  It just occurred to me that the bus may be exempt from tolls.  Whatever.

Oh God.  The homeless.

I’m in tight-pants central!

(And that concludes the precisely transcribed notes of my bus ride)