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I Never Did Like Wednesdays

Did someone put the Universe in some kind of twisted choke hold today?  I’m feeling incredibly thwarted.  Which is weird  because right after waking Max up to send him off to school I crawled into his bed (because Philip was still sleeping in ours making a bit of noise) and Pippa curled up against me and immediately fell asleep too.  Next Penny decided to get in on the group nap and curled up really close to me and Pippa, all snug-like.  Chick, who had been happily sleeping next to Philip, thought being left out of such a group sleep effort was bogus, so she jumped up and curled up on my other side.  It was the nicest sleep ever.  Except for the nightmares, but whatever.  Naps with pets are the best.  So what happened, Universe?  Did you suddenly get jolted into reverse mode?

It took twenty reboots to get my laptop working.  This is the same laptop that was recently completely burnt out and got a whole new shiny hard drive.  Since getting it home it’s done this one other time.  Now it’s getting to be a habit I’m getting really mad.  So I go to start Philip’s computer and it takes 20 minutes to check all its files before opening.  So dumb.  Then I tried doing something else that didn’t work that shouldn’t have been an issue.

What’s the deal?  And no Daily Show for a second week in a row?!  Do they stop their show during the summer?  Is it over for the year?  I don’t recall that being the case before.  And how come everyone’s kids are getting out of school this week and mine has fully three weeks to go after this week?

But now that I’ve had some breakfast for lunch I am feeling much better.

After realizing that I can’t go to the BlogHer Food conference in Seattle I held out hope that I could go to the main BlogHer conference in New York this year.  But I’ve realized that I just need to focus on settling us in after our move.  Plus, even though we might be able to afford the trip, it seems likely that I’ll be buying a new laptop instead.  We’ve been so broke for so long it’s important to get ourselves in order.  We have taxes to pay back and things to take care of.

So no NY trip.  But I did realize that what I can afford to do this summer is spend a couple of nights in San Francisco all alone.  A mini inexpensive solitary trip.  This is the right speed and the right price for me this summer as far as taking a break from my daily routine is concerned.

Man, I’m all over the place today.  I have got to get some work done and then I’ve got to pack.  Lots and lots of packing.  In reading my daily 150-200 blog posts I notice that right now there are a ton of people: having babies, getting pregnant, and MOVING.  Everyone is moving!  So I’ve been reading all these other people’s thoughts on the horrible process of moving but how it has cleansing aspects too.  And most of us seem to agree that there is pleasure in settling into a new place.  Of course, I’m not settling in a new city, just a new house.  Philip said that when he drove into Santa Rosa last week he felt like he just came home.

I hope you all are having a less thwarty Wednesday.  Here’s something very pretty to look at before you go off and bet busy elsewhere:

(this photograph is completely unprocessed but it’s still pretty)

How My Familiar Keeps Me Hanging On

Right.  So things are bad.  But even when things are bad, even when things are super bad, there is always some sort of light to find, some little squeak of happiness to grab onto.  Maybe it only makes one minute of an entire day worth living but there is one thing I know for sure and that’s that every scrap of happy counts.  And sometimes you really have to manually count the happy in your life.  Pippa is my happy.  I love all my animals.  But Pippa is my familiar.  She follows me around all day.  She pats me on the leg and squeaks when she wants me to throw a string around for her or make room in my lap for her.

When she’s not in my lap or following me up and down the stairs all day she’s napping.  She naps on piles of clothes that threaten to toss her to the floor.  (She enjoys the challenge)

She hangs out in in-boxes on shelves.  (Please forgive the flashtastic quality of this photo.  Forgive the quality of ALL these photos.  It is extremely difficult to good pics of Pippa in hiding.)

She really loves my lap.  But only in fall, winter, and part of spring.

When I’m sorting through breakdown-inducing health insurance papers from the state and I feel like I’m going to cry I smell a lemon and I watch Pippa napping on crumpled newspaper.

A more recent napping spot is in the linen closet.  On our clean towels.  You can also just spot the very bottom shelf full of crap?  There is only 1/4 (if that) of that crap left in there.  (Spring cleaning is well under way!)

Her love for boxes is well known.  She isn’t as funny as Maru is in boxes but we don’t care.  We love Pippa.  If I was a witch Pippa would be my familiar.  She calls for me when she isn’t napping to find out where I am.  She is always close by.  I talk to her all day long.  I listen to her snoring.  When I think I can’t take another stupid day of useless paperwork I pick that bundle of fur up and I smell her weirdly powdery baby smell and I know I can make it one more day.  The sound of her purring is like a defibrillator for a heart stopping panic attack.  There’s just something about Pippa.