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What to Wear to the Apocalypse of 2012

What to Wear to the Apocalypse of 2012


Dressing for any apocalypse is all about preparedness and layers. If one layer catches on fire, it’s important to have another layer underneath it. Eye protection from falling debris, rocks being hurled at you, and abrasive lights from sudden explosions is KEY.

It is best to stay away from colors too bright (avoid that bright red shirt in the hat image, for instance) because it is the same as scrawling “zombie target” or “great when roasted!” across your face.

Disclosure: the knife is for foraging purposes only.

Garments with pockets will improve your survival rate by 10%.

If you wear stilettos you will be making more room for me in the world. (Thanks!) Boots with low heels are heartily recommended.