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Photo Nerdery


It’s been a week since my sister left.  I miss her.  She’s up in the mountains having a little meditation and alone time which she both needs and deserves.  My mom is doing pretty well here at home.  I think Max is still thriving up in his eyrie but I should probably check on him today.  For the last four days I have been researching a company I want to work for that’s hiring.  This weekend I need to clean my house and prepare the spare bed for a visit from my friend Kathy.  I’m pretty excited to see her and she’s going to help me with a few things like some  bulk cooking for freezing.

This week I’ve finally been playing with my camera phone and phone apps.  I may be the ONLY camera nerd who hasn’t been playing with them for years already.  There are legitimate reasons for this and they are:

  • Until smart phones came along I had no use for cell phones.
  • When smart phones finally came along I couldn’t afford them.
  • I continued to not be able to afford them for years.  Plus I had a really great Canon p&s.*
  • Without a smartphone phone apps weren’t all that useful to me.
  • I have been jealous of Instagrammers for years now.  It’s literally the only thing that made me want a cell phone.
  • Then a friend gave us his old Android.
  • Then I discovered that I could have a cell phone on the deaf person’s plan so no one could call me on it and suddenly smartphones are actually attractive to ME.
  • But – Instagram isn’t for Androids.  Boooooooooo.
  • But wait!  Now they make it for Androids too!  But meanwhile I discovered the Vignette app.  Which is pretty awesome!  So I have both.  I love the major sharing ease of Instagram but I like the effects of Vignette better.  (Don’t throw your tomatoes at me!!)
  • Now I have reached a new level of photo nerdery.  The whole world is my eggplant!**  But now I want an actual iPhone because I think they take better pictures.  But maybe I just need an upgraded Android.  And since Max will need a cell phone soon he could have my old Android.
  • And the world just keeps spinning round and round.
  • Until the sun explodes.
  • The end.

*Which I still love best.  Phoneography is really cool but I still love my point and shoot pictures best.  I also like my DSLR but not as much as my S95.  And then, of course, when we aren’t so strapped for money I really want to get a G series point and shoot.

**I would have said “oyster” but, dudes, nasty!