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Don't vote for the Doucherinos: Romney, Ryan, and Akin or I'll have to get all up in your business!

Palor, the Opposite of Moose-nuts, and Spotted Janes

Don't vote for the Doucherinos: Romney, Ryan, and Akin or I'll have to get all up in your business!

I have been writing the same post all week and it just won’t come out.  I’ve decided to move on.  The most important thing I had to say in it (the whole thing was very important) is that I’m very focused on politics right now and that this is no time to be apathetic.  Bottom line is that I’m terrified of the outcome of Novemeber’s election.  Instead of regaling you with my thoughts on how awesome it will be to have my civil rights impaired by a dictatorial Christian regime, I’m going to make small snippets of observations and thoughts as they come into my head that may or may not have anything to do with anything:

If your pants are so tight they are cleaving your vagina into two sectors publicly – do not be surprised if people have a hard time focusing on your wit.

I didn’t know Clint Eastwood was a Republican and I am still reeling from the fact that the crowd at the RNC was cheering so wildly at an incoherent speech.  Did you hear it?  He was mixing up his tenses and trailing off from one thread and never coming back to it while he made torturous progress into koo-koo land.  And the crowd ate it up!  Is Clint Eastwood on drugs or is he entering the serious realm of dementia?  And how demented do you need to be to cheer a speech like that?

I’m liking Kaiser so far.  I really like having health insurance.  It’s far from free for us (we pay close to $500 a month to cover both Max and I – though Philip has 100% coverage through his job) but to have any health insurance at all is a huge relief.

Max has officially outgrown the children’s clothing department.

My Vespa requires a few hundred dollars to get it in good working order.  It’s running, but only just.  It has come time to learn to drive my mom’s Prius.  I can’t be without a vehicle anymore and if the scooter dies before I can drive a car I’m not sure how I will manage.

I am way more red/tan than I care to be.  I don’t mind my freckles getting more numerous or dark because I like them – but I was born with super pale skin and I don’t believe it’s healthy for me to have let my skin be so exposed to sunlight.  I’m getting better at applying sunscreen before going out but it needs to be something I simply do every single day.

That reminds me how much I used to hate my freckles when I was a kid.  I got over that by the time I was a teen (I think? – definitely by the time I was a young adult) but I remember wishing I could make them all go away.  Now I love freckles on other people and I wouldn’t get rid of any of mine if I could.

This post contains a hidden message.