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Flowers and Coffee are Good Things

partial focus

It’s so easy at times like this to feel like everything in my life is shit, that the universe hates me, that I’m doomed and that diseases are settling into my body and will kill me soon but only if I don’t get murdered first.

It’s time to count the good things in my life:

The mourning doves in my neighborhood. Especially the one that just sat on the wire I can see from my office window who kept looking at me and I really think he was conveying a message of peace because I felt calmer looking at him and talking to him. I love the sound of doves cooing.

The butterflies and humming birds that have visited the garden this week. This year’s garden is the best year yet for attracting beneficials and growing beautiful flowers of all kinds. The health of a garden can be measured by how much life is thriving in it.

My immediate family. They’re my favorite people even when they drive me nuts.

Max (SO FAR) seems to be navigating teen-hood at an even steady healthy pace. His teen years up to this point have been much easier and mellower than his toddler and kid years. By a lot. I’m so thankful how well he’s taking it that we don’t go out much and can’t buy much extra stuff. And he’s finally getting out of the house to hang out with friends in real life after school and on some weekends. While it feels scary to me, it’s incredibly healthy.

Coffee. Fair trade coffee.

Kittens. Thank god for kittens. I mean, such cuteness is healing.

I’d list some more good things but it’s getting hot already and I need some food. Anyway, what good things are in your life right now?