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What Has to be Done in 6 Days: a hairy list

What I have to get done in 144 hours:

1.  Call the power company to close account and give new address for last bill.  Plus pay them what I already owe and am late paying.

2.  Call the waste company to close account and give new address for the last bill.  Plus, you know, pay them what I already owe them.

3.  Call Game Stop to let them know that we are moving before Far Cry 3 comes out and ask them to send our pre-ordered game to our new address.

4.  Call my doctor to find out if she can write me a prescription for two months of refills that I can get filled in California to tide me over until I am set up with a new doctor.

5.  Do something I can’t remember about the two professional truck loaders coming on Saturday.  Mysterious instructions from mums are in her room.  Hopefully.

6.  Keep up with my paid job.

7.  Walk the dog.  (Today, because she’s not been on a walk for days, poor girl.)

8.  Feed the child once in a while.

9.  Clean out big freezer.  Hopefully foist some of the contents on my friend Angela.

10.  Pack the rest of the game room.

11.  Pack the rest of my office.

12.  Pack the rest of Max’s room.

13.  Pack the bathroom.

14.  Pack the linen closet.

15.  Take the family bassinet that Max would never sleep in when he was a baby and has been a millstone around my neck ever since and MAIL IT BACK TO LOUISIANA.  Plenty of babies being born there at Philip’s family homestead. Enlist a friend to help with this errand.

16.  Mail mom’s two packages to Aunt Lin. Take these at the same time as the unwieldy bassinet.

17.  Pack the rest of the kitchen.

18.  Fill out forwarding address form for the post office.

19.  Clean out cat boxes.  (Today.  Because.)

20.  Lock the wiley Lucy Liu in mom’s bedroom on Thursday and then don’t let her outside again.

21.  Be sure to close the window in the downstairs bathroom so Lucy Liu can’t slither out.  Remind her that if she gets out on Saturday she’ll most likely be left behind in Oregon for a second time and forever.

22.  Tell Philip to call Frontier and close our account with them etc.

23.  Find out from bank how to close out the account.  Don’t write any more checks I’m thinking.

24.  Vacuum so I don’t bring all my carpet dust on me to CA.  (Yeah, no cleaning is going to happen.  This house is a wreck and a wreck it shall remain.)

25.  Bring as many boxes down to the garage as possible.  (This also not likely to happen unless my back is feeling stronger later today)

26.  Inform the Police Department that our house is going into foreclosure, that we are moving to California and that we can’t afford to have someone keep the “lawn” and quack grass cut.  Hopefully this will prevent any citations from the city or at least they’ll know where to send them.

27.  Watch Seven Kittens every time you are about to cry.

28.  Notify friend that I still have their apron and get instructions on where to send it or where to meet them in order to give it to them.   (Done!  Email sent.)

29.  Remove the metal sun/veggie garden decoration and put on pile of things to be loaded into the garage.

30.  Get friends’ address to send them the box of books they left behind when they abandoned us and moved to Salt Lake City.  (I love those bastards.)

30 is such a round number and I feel like there’s a bunch more stuff that should be listed here but this will do to remind me of some of the most important things.