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Winter; Cricket and Grey: buy your e-book version today!


Before I say anything else I need to say that my friend Sharon Eisley painted this cover for my book and it is everything I imagined and hoped it would be.  She’s an incredible painter whose work I’ve seen evolve over the last 20 years.  Please check out her other work at her website Sharon Eisley.

You can buy my book now in e-book formats at Smashwords:

Winter; Cricket and Grey

I started writing this book in 2009.  4 years, 6 complete edits plus a thousand minor edits, and a book cover later and here it is!  It’s not at all like giving birth, in case that analogy came into your mind.  It’s exactly like spending an obsessive amount of time shutting the rest of the world out in order to hear and write a story that was waiting to be told, that was living in the alternate universe that all fiction comes from.

Philip has directed me to write a kick-ass post about my book.  No pressure or anything.  This is the first day of my life as an official author and the hour is dead.  It’s 12:55am and everyone is asleep.

I want to be Cricket Winters.  It is a well documented fact that authors always write characters who embody themselves – that somehow reflect a part of who they are whether it is invisible to the naked eye or well known.  But I am nothing like Cricket.  She’s the person I am too anxious to be, the person who will get in a fist fight to defend an underdog in a brawl.  She’s the person who will say exactly what she’s thinking no matter what price she has to pay.  She isn’t infallible, nor is she impossibly flawed.  She’s as real as we are.

Why I loved writing Cricket: small boobs, freckles, red hair, fistfights, loves good catgut, honesty, fearless, fleet.

Why I loved writing Grey: loyal, gives dead grouse like wildflower bouquet, loves good catgut, fearless, honest, doesn’t have perfect teeth.

At the core of this story is the question of what we’ll do for medical supplies when they are no longer readily available to us, what would we all be willing to do to get Ibuprofin and to get cancer treatments and what if it was just as hard to get either?

I’m lying.  The core of this story is the fact that every family has its own lore, its own lies, and we all have to figure out where we belong in the quagmire of our own family shit.  What would you do if you found out your parents were both living double lives?

Would you let yourself be wrapped up in bandages you knew someone had to die for?