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I Hope You’re Not Eating Pizza Right Now

nasty heel scrape

I have a peculiar talent for injuring myself in the most painful places possible (ones that tend to flex and bend the most such as the acetabulum, the bases of the toes, knuckles, knees, and backs) and the other night I achieved this hideous gouge with the big toenail of my opposite foot while shifting my position in my big chair.

nasty heel scrape 2

I wore shoes for several hours yesterday and when I finally removed them, and the band aids, this bastard of a gouge was raw, cracked fresh, and hurt so bad all night that it kept waking me up.  Naturally it didn’t occur to me to take an advil for it until just now.  I knew you wanted proof that I wasn’t make this up.

Skin is gross up close.  It’s cool a little further away and doesn’t get cool again until it’s under the microscope.

I hope you’re not eating pizza right now.

Or eating anything.

Have a fantastic Friday!