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The Starry Starry Night: Goodbye Nadia!

Nadia full of love

This is LOVE.  Nadia died today (RIP 3/29/2013)  The best companion, the most loving girl, weirdly unmotivated by food but completely motivated by a desire for strokes and attention.  She lived to please.  She lived to serve.  She was a licensed therapy dog and such a forgiving family member.  She was absolute LOVE.  

We could not have asked for a more peaceful ending for Nadia.  As the vet said, she already had three feet in the grave.  We knew she was done.  My mom gave Nadia little bits of cookies and we Kissed her head and told her how valued and loved she was at that moment, at all the moments.  She just looked so tired, like she was expecting this and was tapping on her watch, asking when the scheduled oblivion was going to relieve her.  Cancer is exhausting.  My mums did everything she could for her faithful companion.

No matter how expected death is, no matter how much those we love are ready for it, it’s still such a sickening goodbye.

Goodbye Nadia!  We hope you enjoy all the stars and that they are swarming with slow squirrels.