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True Brews by Emma Christensen is out!

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My friend Emma Christensen who works for the Kitchn as an editor (and previously as a food writer) has her first book out and it’s filled with recipes for brewing all kinds of beverages and I just received my copy!  We got a free copy because Philip tested the plum wine recipe.  We drank it pretty young but it turned out great – really dry – which is how I like wine.  It was “rough” because we didn’t give it the time to mellow but if you make a plum wine and it’s drinkable and enjoyable before it’s even matured properly?  Total winner.  The recipe was easy to follow and it worked in spite of Philip making some minor changes to the method.

true brews 2

This book is gorgeous and full of completely new takes on many beverages like kombucha (I really want to try the hibiscus kombucha) as well as including plenty of unadulterated classics.

When I was really depressed last year, and broke, Emma sent me a care package of lemons she picked from her apartment building and bottles of her home brewed beers.  Her beers were fantastic.  It was such a cheering present to get and I’m sorry you don’t all get boxes of her beers – BUT – they’re all in her book!  So you can make them for yourself.  She lives in an apartment – so you can’t make excuses like you don’t have the room.  This is all small batch home brewing that is completely doable whether you are in a small apartment or a ridiculously large house (like we used to live in).

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Emma, incidentally, was one of my Cricket and Grey readers.  That has nothing to do with her book.  I just wanted to say that because she’s been a major Angelina cheer leader for years.  Anyway – if you want to try brewing some festive beverages at home – this is THE book to help you do it.  You can trust Emma.  She is also the creator of the best homemade hamburger buns in the world.

True Brews is available on Amazon!

I am going to reprint this post on Stitch and Boots later in the week.  I can’t do it right now because I just published the announcement for my pajama pant sew-along and I want that at the top of the blog for a few days.  So when this shows up on Stitch – you’re not imagining things.  I just really want everyone to check out Emma’s book.  I’m so proud of her for creating something so amazing!