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Pro-Tips for Hilary Supporters Trying to “Unite” the Party


I have some pro-tips for Clinton supporters who want Bernie supporters to vote for Hilary:

Stop talking to/about Bernie supporters like they’re big babies having a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. It’s condescending, it’s alienating, and it makes you sound like big babies having a tempter tantrum because the other kids don’t like your rules and aren’t playing your game.

Listen to the way you tell Bernie supporters to “tow the line” and “do the right thing” and “unite the party” and my personal favorite “do your duty”. Talking to intelligent conscientious adults like their duty is to stop thinking or having a conscious because the party line is more important than trying to make lasting change is really drawing a thick line under the reasons Bernie supporters loved Bernie in the first place and reminds them how fucked the two party status-quo IS. Also, it makes you sound like mean stupid schoolmarms with rulers suspended over everyone’s knuckles who disagrees with you.

Ditch the fear-mongering as a means to getting Bernie supporters and other outliers (such as alienated Republicans) to vote for Clinton. One of the reasons you claim to hate the Republican party in general and the Trumpster Dumpster in particular is because of the rampant fear-mongering they engage in. You do not make a good case for Hilary by saying “She isn’t Trump”. First of all, we KNOW she isn’t Trump. Saying it like no more discussion is necessary, that not being Trump is all the virtue that’s necessary to vote for someone. Ted Cruz wasn’t Trump either and no way in hell would I ever have cast my vote for that wet pancake. One thing Bernie supporters hate is fear mongering and the status quo. So if you want them to vote for Clinton, act like you actually think they’re intelligent human beings who desperately want to change the way things are done in this country and tell them how you think Hilary will get us closer to that kind of change. When you use fear tactics, you are piling more shit on the shit-pile of fear that got Trump the popularity he’s riding on right now that has you all foaming at the mouth. I mean, keep using them if you like, but at least understand how ineffective it is as a means for meaningful and positive change in this country and in the minds of Bernie supporters.

Stop treating Bernie supporters like the illegitimate children of our “democratic” system. What Bernie supporters want isn’t a rainbow farting unicorn. If that’s what you think, then you’re part of the conservative establishment we want to abolish that doesn’t even understand that Democratic Socialism isn’t an instrument of the devil and definitely isn’t a hindrance to personal freedoms such as Americans imagine they can only have with the constitution stashed in their butt-pockets. We aren’t the bastard children of the democratic party that need to be brought back into the family. Many of us ditched the democratic party a long time ago, in spirit if not in actuality. Many of us  never belonged to it in the first place. We aren’t yours to own or command. If you want us, yeah, you need to talk to us like you aren’t a fear-mongering automaton of the Democratic party upholding the two party system like it’s a princess in need of protecting rather than a broke-down trashy trailer barely road-worthy.

We wanted big change and Hilary’s campaign is not the ticket.

The whole time Bernie was running I assumed I’d vote Hilary if/when he lost the nomination. Then I heard Hilary supporters acting like bullies and screeching condescending assholes and I backed the fuck up and withheld my decision. Which I’m still withholding until closer to November.

I don’t actually want to be romanced by Hilary supporters. I don’t expect them to try and get me into their camp. I expect everyone to vote their conscience. But I offer up these pro-tips for those Hilary supporters who ARE trying to get Bernie supporters to join them. You really want to do that? Start with respect (most Hilary supporters haven’t got any for Bernie supporters, that much is clear, so maybe do a better job pretending). Talk to us like YOU’RE intelligent adults. And for god’s sake, stop being major assholes.