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Please Consider Donating to Help Pay for Chick’s Surgery

Chick post surgery

This is my darling girl, Chick, AKA Chickadee.

I’ve just started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of getting help covering Chick’s ear surgery.

Chick’s Ear Hematoma Surgery Fund

The story about what’s been going on is there in the link but it boils down to these factors:

Chick is a true Williamson and always manages to get the rare and difficult to treat issues. We tried treating her ear hematoma without surgery and spent hundreds of dollars doing it. They drained the fluid from her ear flap and then wrapped her ear carefully in a bandage which we had to get re-wrapped every week and all the while she’s been taking antibiotics and steroids (to constrict the blood vessels).

Naturally it didn’t work. Today we had to lay down another $822 to go for the surgical fix which, WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, might not even work. Like I said, we’re good at having difficult problems around here. Today they had to re-drain it as the pocket in her ear filled with fluid again (serum and blood) and then they sutured the area with many little sutures to keep it from filling again and get the pocket to heal closed.

We have now spent almost all our living expenses for the next few weeks to care for Chick, because that’s what you do with pets when they’re part of your family. We have¬† no savings, no credit cards, and we were denied the care credit card that allows you to make payments on pet care because we have bad credit from having gone bankrupt a few years ago. So we’re pretty fucked.

Max desperately need socks and new pants and some of the money we spent on Chick was supposed to go towards a few basics to tide him over. Yeah, he can wear sweat pants with holes in them for a while longer but his socks are a couple sizes too small and getting holes in them too. I can’t even tell you how much this stresses me out.

Some kind friends (and a couple of strangers) have ordered from my shop – my favorite way to make money! – and every penny helps. But a few people suggested starting a GoFundMe campaign. So I have, because mostly we get by on what we make per month. Just as long as we don’t have any sudden expenses like the car needing work (two weeks ago) or getting dental work (Philip has been waiting to get a crown fixed for 3 years and we were just about able to afford it until the car and Chick’s needs just evaporated all our slack) or major vet bills. We’ve been slammed and I don’t know how we’ll get by in the next few weeks as most of our next paycheck goes towards rent.

I most definitely need to work on getting my business going but I was taking time off to care for mom.

Do I sound like a sad sack OR WHAT?! But no – really – I know we’ll get through this. Anyone who helps us do it is obviously going to be deeply appreciated by me! And I don’t just mean people contributing funds, I know too many people in tight financial circumstances themselves who may not be able to donate to my fund or spend money in my Etsy shop (still working on my own website) but all the emotional support you give me matters to me too because it helps buoy me up during these tough days. Thank you so much for all the well wishes for both my mom AND Chick! You guys all rock!

Chick’s doing really well right now considering she was at the vet all day long. I love this girl. She’s been such a great family dog so far. She makes us feel safe (remember how she knew the Douche-Twins were bad news before I did?), she is so easy to please (walks, scratches behind her ears or on her chest, treats, just being around us), she loves all the same people we love, she is hilarious the way she groans like an old lady (since she was a puppy), and she’s been remarkably inexpensive all these years having been such a healthy and robust dog. We love her so much we couldn’t NOT spend all our money to do what needs doing.

But dudes, this has been a phenomenally tough past month.