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Coming Home: Goodbye room 108 and 107!

mom and Javier

(Mom being hugged by Javier, an awesome CNA who helped care for her for weeks. Saying goodbye at the emergency entrance with all her hospital swag behind him on a big cart)

My mom was admitted to Sutter Hospital on June 9th.  On July 9th she was released to come home.  She was in the hospital for 31 days.  In that time Tara made 56 visits to the hospital and I made about 42.

mom heading home

Tara drives mom home.  She has only seen real daylight and breathed fresh air once in the whole month.  She keeps commenting on how bright it is outside.

the plastic maiden 2

Goodbye Plastic Maiden!*

Sharons bouquet

Goodbye beautiful bouquet of flowers from Sharon E.’s garden!**

hospital halls

Goodbye hospital halls!  (For realz.  We hope we don’t see you again soon.)

Tara and Rosie 2

Hello baby Rosie and Tara and bright porch and Cherry Street and good food and family!

Hello life!

It’s been a long, tough, scary, painful, horrible roller coaster of a month.

Welcome home mums!

*Not really.  Tara insisted that mom bring it home with us and keep it in the shed “just in case”.

**Not really.  It had already died a few days before.