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Dentistry and Daughters

I want this rose

I need to find out what kind of rose this is. It’s at the Morningsun Herb Farm and smells divine.

I had a cracked molar. It hurt like my nerve was was constantly on fire. Yesterday my dentist was able to save my tooth. I have a lot of tooth-related nightmares (both literally and figuratively) and was imagining having a gaping hole where a working molar should be and having to save up for an implant for the next 10 years by which time I would have almost certainly lost a few more teeth because, obviously, once you lose one tooth they all give up the ghost like little enamel lemurs.

One of the things I hate most about getting my teeth drilled is the tooth dust that results from it. Got some in the back of my throat yesterday and asked for water but my dentist just spritzed some water in my mouth and suctioned it out again. While telling me all about how he has a secret “recipe” for producing sons. He didn’t want any daughters because, according to him, no Asian men really want daughters. I might have argued that, historically speaking, no men of any race have ever been that excited to have daughters unless they already have sons, but my throat was full of bone dust* so I was unable to respond. Kind of ironic, really. And then he let some adhesive crap leak into my mouth and I thought I would throw up from the bitter noxious taste and burn of it on my tongue and my throat. It tasted like burning rubber.

It’s weird to me how men can tell women they don’t value daughters and not think it’s a crappy thing for women to hear.

Now my mouth just hurts. Somehow my wisdom tooth got chipped and it’s not setting right with my new crown. The crown is fine, it’s just that maybe it’s a little lower than my original tooth was situated. This is the kind of thing that can drive me INSANE. If things go wrong in my mouth I can barely concentrate on anything else.

Of course, my wisdom teeth need to come out soon anyway. In fact, I was going in to talk about my options with my wisdom teeth because two of them have cavities in them. I thought all the pain was because of the cavity. But then my dentist said I had to deal with my cracked tooth because the crack was so bad he wasn’t sure he could save it. I’ve already waited a year to deal with my wisdom teeth. Even with some dental coverage we can’t afford a lot of tooth fixing. So now I have to wait to take care of those wisdoms again. Lordy lordy lordy.

Now I must be off to work. I hope I can get work done with this snarly tooth edge catching on my other teeth.

I bet I’d forget about my snaggy wisdom tooth if I had a bouquet of those roses to smell all day while at work. I must email Morningsun and find out what it is.

Toodaloo. Tootaloo. <—-There’s no way that works for me to say.

*I’m aware that teeth are NOT actually bones. But they smell like it and look like it and I take some license.