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Straight from the Jugular is ready to see and buy!

Buy Straight from the Jugular

It’s listed up in the Blurb bookstore, though it’s unfortunately too late to order in time for Christmas.  It’s a small square book (7″x7″) with high quality paper.  It’s expensive (my personal profit is small, most of the cost is what Blurb charges per book) but I have a book this size that my brother produced (and I wish he’d make public to buy- his work is crushingly poignant) and the quality is fantastic.  The copy of his book I have is with the image wrapped cover which is my favorite option but the most expensive of them all.

Most people I know right now are broke so I doubt many people I know can buy a copy but please look at it in the preview and go to the bookstore page just to make me feel visited, okay?  If you know anyone who would enjoy looking at it too, send them to visit as well!

I’m very proud of this project.  I will be posting this on all my blogs and hopefully will learn to apply the widget to them in the side bar so anyone tripping by can jump in and look (and buy!) my sweet little collection of photographs and writing.

About the book:

This is a book of my photographs that have sparked narratives and uncovered stories.  As is true with my writing, I’m not interested in capturing only the pretty or the awe-inspiring.  I’m not interested in self portraits that show me always at my best or pictures of other people that they would put in their school yearbook.  What I look for is motion, color, transitory moments; I want to uncover the blood and the guts, the trash, and the paint underneath the paint.  I want to see the sting, the opening, the flight, and the dreams that live and die just beyond our sight.  I want to revel in the minutiae, the detritus, the flecks of light that catch us, and follow the eye where it goes when we’re not thinking too much about it.  I want to find the humor, the daily irreverence, and the jubilation of daily life.

Just like my writing, my photographs come straight from the jugular.