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My Glamorous Life and Friends

Croce’s restaurant.  Grace took us out and they showed a great deal of care in serving a table with severe allergies.  The food was great and I had such a great time eating with Grace, Skye, and Laura.  I had potato “lasagna” with heirloom tomatoes, ricotta, a wee bit of goat cheese (!!!), and a little tomato “coulis” which is fancy talk for a smooth tomato sauce.  I also had their Greek salad and both were excellent.

I love this picture of Skye and Grace.  She just arrived at our meeting corner (not doing tricks) and we were enjoying Grace’s glamor.  Plus there was fun talk about the obvious details Angelina doesn’t notice.

I kept trying to get a great shot of them walking because Grace, Skye, and Laura were all looking gorgeous and I wanted to catch star quality shots.  Sadly, my camera doesn’t catch action shots that well.  Still, don’t they look like movie stars?  Or very important people?  Or at the very least: people you want to know?

Can you believe that fabulous dress Grace is wearing?!  Best dress I saw at the whole conference.

Please observe Skye’s cute shoes!

The San Diego Convention Center is huge.  Colossal.  Very corporate feeling but I totally appreciated its design when looking out at this view.

Skye and Liz both have fantastic smiles.  If I had a fortune they could probably peel it from my fingers with those smiles.  I didn’t do them half justice.

Those glasses are so chic I couldn’t stop staring.  Luckily Grace knows me or she might have been tempted to clock me for being a creep.  Her whole style is enviable.

Laura is the lady that got me my job with Blogher but this week was the first time I’ve ever met her in person.  We’ve known each other through our blogs for about five years.  It was such a pleasure to finally meet her and get to hang out and eat amazing food with her.

I have more pictures and I will load more up as I process them.  Tonight is my last night of vacation so I’m going to sign off and watch some cable while I have a chance.  Time to come home to my regular life!