So You Think You Can Dance, Season 10, episode 10

Petaluma glitz

The opening group dance was the first one I’ve ever liked.  Last week’s was a living doll creep-fest but this one was spectacular and surprising – it was pretty gorgeous actually.  Uh – so were they dancing into the pit of hell or something?  Or on a funereal pyre?

I’m bummed that Jade had to leave the competition.  I hope he comes back for a different season when he’s healed up.

The ladies dancing for their lives.  I hate this part of the show – the part that makes it a competition (cutting people out).  I really want Jasmine to stay in, and Alexis because I love to see a fabulous woman tapper on the show, but I don’t know that Alexis is actually better than Jenna.

Paso Doble.  WOW.  Fik-Shun and Amy are definitely my favorite pair.  I don’t think the judges were over-the-top with their praise.  I love Fik-Shun’s teeth and his smile – that dude is shiny.  His attitude is awesome too.  Amy reminds me of Sandra Bullock if she was short and blue-eyed.

Jasmine Harper.  I LOVE HER SO MUCH!  She’s a great dancer.  She’s like

——- Paula Abdul’s voice is really weird – like maybe she is having trouble talking?  Is she always like that?  I’ve never watched her before.  Not dissing her it’s just distracting as only mouthy things can be to ME ——-

Back to Jasmine Harper – her leg extensions are the least of it – she is charming, gorgeous, cute as a goddamn satin bow but you can’t say that shit to such a fierce energy because it would sound so stupid and belittling even when all you mean is to mention how endearing she is – she’s humble and in some ways a bit bumbling like the female counterpart to Hugh Grant’s career and yet BOOM!!!  She has POWER.

Also – I like her partner and I’m not trying to ignore his talents because he is definitely fantastic. But when they dance I don’t see anything but Jasmine.

The next pair are not my favorite but I do like this number they do and I think they do it really well.  Part of it is because I love the song.  Also they are crazy pretty people.

I didn’t like the number Jasmine M. and Allan did.  I want to be rooting for them but this wasn’t a super strong number.  But then, I’m not really as fond of the jazz numbers.

So I wasn’t totally sold on Jenna but after seeing Jasmine M.’s last number and now seeing Jenna’s number I have to say I’m more impressed with Jenna.  I do NOT relish comparing awesome women or having to cull dancers even mentally – but I think Jenna totally nailed this number and also – TUCKER!  I like him, I’ve liked him from the beginning except for that awful coif he had in the auditions – the shiny long ringlets just on the top of his head.  NOOOOOO.  His curly hair looks much better shorter.

And it’s not because I have weird unresolved feelings about ringlets.  It’s not because they make me want to yank them or talk to them.

I’m not lovin’ Paula’s weird yellow shirt thing.

I keep wondering if Tucker is gay.  It matters 0% and is just a matter of curiosity.  And it’s not because of his ringlets.  I’m not that pedantic.


In the embers  – Sleeping at Last  The music is wonderful for this number.

Whoa.  So that was pretty fantastic.  I’m not gonna lie – Malece is not my fave and never has been.  I’ve liked her and she is a great dancer but she didn’t really do it for me when it comes to choosing favorites.  Yet I can’t deny that she was spectacular in this number.  As Nigel says – she really became a woman in this one.  I know exactly what he means.

Haley has lipstick teeth.  Kiss of death!  But the judges don’t care.  They loved her and had a lot of criticism for Curtis but I’m going to come right out and say that I thought she was a little restrained at first (improved near the end) and though I agree his lifts did look a little challenging at the end – I thought Curtis was better to watch in this one.  Whatevs.  They think Hayley was so hot but I think Curtis was sizzling more.

I’ll tell you what – I like Alexis WAY better than Hayley.  Hayley obviously leaves me a little cold.

Okay.  I’m getting tired of everyone telling BluPrint that he’s holding back.  I don’t think I agree.  I LOVED him in the library routine from last week and he was even better in this one this week.  I think his body is communicating more than his face and if you can’t read his dancing body and the emotion there – what the fuck are you judging dance for?!  Mariah kicked ass too – I loved them together.  I loved the costumes.  I loved the opening moves.  It’s one of those pieces that makes me want to be capable of hip hop too.  So screw all those judges.  SCREW THEM!

Fuck it.  They’re just harping him to death.  Okay – I just see something in BluPrint but I know he isn’t ready to win this competition.  I’m empathetic and enthusiastic but I can see he has some way to go.  Maybe if they weren’t bludgeoning him with the same thing all the time I might see their point.

Right now here’s who I’m gunning for for winning the whole damn enchilada:

Fik-shun.  Hands down.  I think he’s the best of the entire group.  Not “he’s great considering he’s got no classical training and is basically just an animator” but that he’s fucking fantastic!

I think Amy and Malece are going to climb pretty high.

I think Jasmine is going to climb pretty damn high too.  I want Jasmine H. to get to the top but I don’t know that she has the range that Amy and Malece have.  She’s way cooler and she has a PRESENCE that they don’t have quite as strongly.

So I can’t stop going back to the Malece and Marco number.

That’s all until next week.



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