So Far This Week (the view from Wednesday)

rare rainy day

I miss the rain so much. Come back! Come back to me!

So far this week:

My boss made one of my coworker’s cry.

The toe I didn’t cut off seems not to be made of human flesh.

Humans are gross but also fascinating animals.

I have left Facebook for a while because, PEOPLE.

Raccoons are adorable even if they are fierce and enrage my dog. I wish I could have one as a pet.

I also really strongly want a pig.

On Sunday I made actual progress on my Bad Romance manuscript and it felt so damn good! I haven’t written since, due to the draining day job, but I still feel so happy to have made some progress.

I’ve finished watching all 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote and now have nothing to watch to drain my brain of all its aggressive growling.

I also want a hedgehog.

The tiny baby deadly poisonous snake that bit its person in my nightmare last night actually looked like a tiny baby fish. And then it died.

I’ve been getting more juvenile with my mental insults at people.

I love birds. I love birds so very very much.

I don’t know why, but I think my need to get to know (and hang around) horses is somehow important for my personal growth. I’ve been fantasizing about taking a Greyhound to go visit a friend of mine that I’ve never met in person so I can throw some stitches (she sews professionally) and watch her ride her horses and maybe learn to groom them. She has no idea I’m dreaming of doing this.

In spite of how I sound lately, I truly am fighting to hang onto what vestiges of love I feel for humankind. If I didn’t care and wasn’t trying I wouldn’t be on my news fast and I wouldn’t have shut down my fb account. Humans are capable of good things, they just don’t prefer nurturing that side of themselves. I want to nurture that side of myself.

I can’t find a Jardin de Bagatelle rose at any nursery. This means I need to take a cutting from my friend Sharon and start it from that.

I don’t have enough roses inĀ  my garden/life.

I can never get enough roses.


  1. Yes, roses! I looked up Jardin de Bagatelle. It’s beautiful. At a house we had long before this one, I had bought roses named after two of our cats: Belle Isis and Just Joey. Belle Isis bloomed out so beautifully (though only once in the spring) that I have wanted to buy it again. Now that you have me thinking about it, I’ll have to see if I can find it.

  2. angelina says:

    We had a Just Joey – isn’t it a pretty apricot color? The Jardin de Bagatelle is not only pretty but the scent is unbelievably wonderful! I’m lucky that I have a friend here who loves roses as much as I do and planted a few of my favorites that are hard to find now. I’ll have to look Belle Isis up. Is it an antique rose? I love the antiques. Oh! I need to get a Crested Moss rose again too. The scent is incredible, blooms only once a year but the bloom time is pretty long, and they’re so pretty!

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