Part 1: No Country for Me (And Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party)

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The political situation in this country and the way it’s making people I normally respect and whose opinions I normally share turn into douche-harpoons has caused me to declare myself a woman of no country. Liberals, particularly Democrats, are becoming rabid with fear and abandoning reasonable thought.

Bernie Sanders lost the California primary and Clinton was declared the Democratic nominee. I didn’t expect to be so deeply bummed out. Until now I’ve been able to safely say I’ll vote Clinton if Bernie loses because he started to really look viable and the actual election is very far away. What happened is that the reality of my choices being between Hilary and Trump became depressingly real.

I really truly deeply distrust Hilary. She wears a constant mask. She changes her position like midwestern weather during April. She votes for wars, she votes for policies that strengthen corporate America and HER. What the fuck has she ever truly done to make this country better for middle class or poor people? I’ve never liked her, never trusted her, and I didn’t know how deeply that dislike ran until faced with her as my only choice besides Trump.

Do I even need to tell you how I feel about that chauvinistic baboon-ass-faced racist narcissist?

I didn’t think so. Trump was never a voting option for me. (I almost just threw up saying “voting option” and “Trump” in the same sentence.) God help us all.

(Except I’m an atheist so I think God is like a magic 8 ball you consult when you need predictable reassurance of what you already think and believe)

Hilary is basically a Republican. As far as I’m concerned she’s no Democrat. So my presidential voting choices have been reduced to corporate but moderate Republican versus the kind of severe Republican the US has been aggressively working on creating for my entire lifetime.

Bravo, United States! You finally created the bastard-headed beast of your dreams!

On Facebook I expressed my deep political depression and dismay by saying I’m thinking of not voting in this election at all.

It’s as though I made the angry seas of God part with that comment. I expect conservatives of all stripes to flip the fuck out – but instead it was all liberals. Mostly Democrats. Many of them dear friends of mine, some of them friends of vague acquaintances who pounced on me with their 3″ verbal claws drawn ready to shred me for being unAmerican.

It was unexpected. I admit that it actually shocked me and then seriously blew me deeper into my own convictions that the only way to approach this whole political fuckery is to be led by my conscience, whatever that entails.

If you want to hear people show their most ugly and truthful side – tell them you’re going to listen to your conscience during this election. Apparently, it’s really UPPITY and HIGH HANDED to vote your conscience at a time like this, in an election like this.

A fellow Democrat, and someone I used to think was a decent person said these actual words to me:

I’m sorry Angelina Wiliamson, but when you vote you don’t get to pick the person your conscience most approves of. You only get to choose between the candidates who are running.

So, having a conscience doesn’t apply to voting in general, or just this time? Is a conscience just a thing we consult when it’s easy and convenient and no one else will judge us poorly for it? Is my conscience only something you value in me when it doesn’t disagree with yours?

This same person went on to say this brilliant gem:

Personally I think that kind of moral absolutism and the complete disregard for the consequences of your actions is a pretty scary thing. But there seems to be a lot of moral superiority going around in this election cycle.”

(I did the bolding because there is zero indication that I have a complete disregard for the consequences of my actions by the comments I shared on this thread. She makes an outrageous assumption based on her firm belief that anyone who chooses differently than her has abandoned all regard for humanity. People are so fucking brain-impaired sometimes)

I have saved the entire thread for posterity and as a reminder of what kind of people I never want to be and never want to associate myself with politically. I am accused of moral absolutism because I won’t comply with political absolutism.

This is the end of part 1 of how I have become a woman of no country and no political affiliation. I have a lot more to say and you may disagree or let bile fill your throat with anger, or you may listen like a rational person and possibly disagree with my conclusions, my beliefs, and my actions, but still treat me like an intelligent human being who’s been an active part of the political system for 28 years who is now done with all the bullshit. Your choice.

What you may NOT do is come here on MY blog, my page, my virtual living room, and be a douche. I will shut you the fuck down so quickly and silently you’ll never even realize I did it.


  1. ann says:

    Hi Angelina,
    I agree with you! If Bernie isn’t in, I’m not voting either. Clinton is a hawk… or a shark… or some other beastie that wants to rip and shred us all into bite sized chunks for her feasting pleasure. I even did the facebook thingy so I could support you in your comments. Not voting for Clinton and having Trump as president (gag) wouldn’t be any worse than having Bush as president. It would only last four years and because the GOP hates his guts, he won’t get anything done and won’t get reelected. Clinton, on the other hand, would get tons of evil stuff done (very specific of me, haha). She has only said a few Bernie-isms because she wants to win. Ugh! I just wanted you to know I am with you.

  2. Diane says:

    I agree with you 110%. I refuse to “pick the lesser of two evils”. That doesn’t even make sense to me. Vote for someone you know is evil, but less evil than the other guy? Not me. I won’t be voting at all. Oh, and ditto what you said about Hillary. She was talking about helping the poor and the middle class while wearing an Armani $12,000.00 jacket. Who in their right damn mind would spend $12,000.00 on a jacket. If you have that much money maybe you should try and help others instead of spending it on a damn jacket.. Just a thought.

  3. angelina says:

    We are clearly on the SAME PAGE. The last time this happened I voted for Nader but right now, at this moment, I’m not feeling like participating in what is a stupid crooked system.

  4. angelina says:

    This “less of two evils” business is proof that our system isn’t serving us AT ALL. Or rather, is serving a very limited few. I’m glad that you and Ann understand how I’m feeling about all this. I’ve been an active engaged citizen since I was 10 years old, been voting in every single election (local and national) for 28 years, and I feel just about done with the way things are done.

  5. Hope says:

    Although you may feel despair do not. As a non American terrified of your choices (a turd v douche bag) your post is joyous to me. Outside the States you are all represented as being on team Hilary or team Trump and nothing else. Meanwhile people scoff that “stupid Americans would never vote in a socialist!” When you consider that we all live in the very real fear that your supreme leader, whomever that is will end up with their respective finger on the big red button, the idea that you would not vote based on your values is as abhorrent as the idea of Trump or Clinton in the job. Like it or not, the fate of the world sits in the hands of these fucktards and I want more people like you giving a shit about it. The greatest sadness is that the rest of the world will keep thinking that “those stupid Americans caused all this” when one of those two terrorists unleash hell upon us all. Thank you. Another proud moment when I call you friend.

  6. ann says:

    The American media has much to answer for in that regard. We Americans are being manipulated as much as people in other countries in regard to what the people here really want/think/feel. The large amount of support that Bernie Sanders has elicited should be an indication at home and abroad that not everybody here is towing a ridiculous “party” line.

  7. angelina says:

    I’m a democratic socialist so having Bernie run and actually get so much traction was amazing and I started feeling actual real hope. Like Ann says (below) – the media has a complete disregard for any Americans not towing the accepted two-party line. So the world sees a very limited version of our country and our people. I mean – there really ARE millions of absolutely ignorant bigoted Americans and there really ARE millions of Americans who are proud of all the military action we’ve taken across the world but then there are many of us who keep trying to change the system or improve it or get actual good humans in office. We’re here – we’re just not really being counted by the media until they’re forced to pay attention. They were finally forced to pay attention as Bernie Sanders gained momentum.

    But now there is only Hilary and Trump so I’m sorry to say that the world will get one or the other of them. And while I could convince myself that I owe it to the U.S. and the world to vote for Hilary, I can’t. I just can’t. Because then when she approves more military action I’ll have to carry that burden. I’m done. Done.

    It’s balm to my spirit to know that at least one Australian knows that millions of Americans tried to spare the world the hideous possibility of either Trump or Hilary. There are millions of Americans who care deeply about how our politics and policies and actions affect the rest of the world. Just not enough of us to keep fuckwads out of office.

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