My Great Mycological Achievement

I have done what no woman has ever done before.  Is it any wonder I constantly amaze my friends and family?  No.  It is quite clear that I am more talented than all of you.

I have grown a mushroom in my bathroom.

That thing in the disgusting neglected corner you see there is a fruiting fungus.

I refuse to tell you the secrets of my success.  If you want to be as amazing as I am then you need to get there on your own damn merit.

This marks my greatest triumph as a homeowner and as a woman.

In other news, I got my first real query rejection today.  Obviously the agent has not yet heard of my great mycological achievement.  I’m sure that would have clinched it.  But seriously-what I’m really appreciative of is the fact that I got a personal email back from the agent.  I’m obviously a bit deflated now that I’m at the rejection point but this was expected.  It is expected I’ll get tons of rejection.  From what I understand, if an agent rejects a query by email they do it with a form message of rejection.  But most agents just say that if you don’t hear back from them in a certain amount of time, then you can consider your query rejected.  To get a personal rejection is thoughtful.

I’ve sent out three queries this week so I can honestly say that I am truly back on track with my writing goals.  I think it’s better to send queries early in the week rather than at the end of the week so my task for the next few days is to continue lining up agents to query next.  I’ve got about three lined up and I’d like to have at least three more on the list to query early next week.


  1. amy says:

    This is really great. Congratulations and I wonder if the cure for cancer lies within it? Maybe you should find a way to preserve it and grow more?

  2. angelina says:

    Karmyn- no bleach necessary- a good scrubbing is all that’s needed. We’ve just been very neglectful. I am beginning to take the house back from the massive entropy that enveloped it during the many months I concentrated on writing my novel and the depression of uncertainty that clouded us all. Corners will be cleaned! (I promise-we are not accustomed to living in mushroomy conditions of filth)

    Damn it- Amy- I removed it in a little flurry of disgust and cleaning! How could I have let a possible cure for cancer be trashed so thoughtlessly?! (Perhaps I just let that wee corner sit for months again and see what happens. Reports forthcoming.)

  3. angelina says:

    I grappled with myself over whether or not I should try to ID it in my fungi book before removing it. The picture may be good enough to do the trick but I’m not sure. It really is a beaut, isn’t it?

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