Making Small Talk With Myself

little grave

I am getting over a little end of summer cold. I have been working on sketching ideas, working on smocks, making ratatouille, hanging out with my sister, and getting Max adjusted in the new school year. Very little writing has been done. On my novels or my blogs. I’m getting itchy and bitchy to write more. However, financial strain requires that I concentrate on getting my Etsy shop full and do my best to promote it. I am definitely enjoying it this time around – the sewing and building of my Etsy shop. Not much selling going on but hopefully things will get moving soon.

I’m going to have to learn how to balance doing the sewing and the writing like I used to. In spite of the cold and the schedule shakeup that happens when the new school year starts and new endeavors begin – I’m feeling pretty upbeat. It might be all the canning I’m about to do. Today Chelsea and I are going to pick up boxes of peaches. I’m buying 3 boxes. It’s also time to start canning tomatoes and making ratatouille to freeze. I made a giant double batch last week that I didn’t freeze and is just about gone now. I’ve been mostly eating ratatouille for the last week. It’s CRAZY GOOD!

Food preserving really does make me feel happy and calm. Well, it makes me spazzy with excitement but on the inside it quells a certain amount anxiety.

Right now I’m listening to my housecleaning playlist and this is also contributing to a happy mood. (“I Want To Hold Your Hand” always makes me feel happy)

I have a weird rough patch on the inside of my right middle finger. I’m definitely thinking it’s a sign of imminent doom.

It’s been overcast most mornings for the last week and it’s amazing! I love it. Love it. Love it!

Oh my god. I’m making small talk on my own blog.

I think that means my nose blowing is getting in the way of interesting thoughts and I need to eat some eggs poached in ratatouille for breakfast and get working on things for my shop before it’s time to go get the peaches.




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