Larry King is an Apple Doll


Penny got out last night and when I opened the front door to see if I could call her in I saw her on the sidewalk hanging out with her twin.  The neighbors have a cat with almost the same markings as Penny and it’s spooky and also pretty funny to see them hanging out.  Like, maybe neither of them believed in doppelgangers until that moment.

My father in law is doing much better and is staying at the hospital for observation and a little physical therapy but it seems he’s going to be fine.

I rode my bicycle to Imwalle Gardens yesterday in the heat.  I need the exercise and this summer has been the season of sitting around on my ass waiting for more more bad stuff to happen and wicked strong inertia.  So I rode.  That’s two days in a row of riding my bicycle.  Not long rides at all.  Never the less, when I returned home yesterday I was overheated and collapsed on my bed under the squeaky shaky fan that one day will drop from the ceiling and chop my face off or break my legs, and I fell asleep.

For an hour and a half.  Which really ate into my productivity.  I’m trying so hard to peel my inertia off my bones.  Napping doesn’t help.

Still no reprieve from my nightmares.

I need glasses pretty bad now for reading and, you know, focusing on things.  Somehow I still haven’t made the appointment.  Which is stupid because it’s not like I don’t want to get glasses, I actually look forward to having them so I can see better.

Larry King freaks me out.  I can’t stand listening to him.  He’s such a complete tedious BORE.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  But also his mouth is weird and he looks like a dried apple doll.  The kind that come to life when you’re sleeping and come at you with murderous weapons.  I never watch him – until yesterday.  I was lured into watching him so I could see Bill Hader in an interview.  Big mistake.  Hader is awesome but nothing and no one can make watching King less uncomfortable.  King likes to name-drop his famous friends which is lame.

Okay – I’m off to shower and then sew.

Have a great Thursday!

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