Job Shake-Up and New Chapters


Lordy lou! It’s been pretty dark around here for a long time. I was starting to fantasize about starting a new blog with a new name thus representing a new chapter. But that’s what I always do. I like to close doors and open new ones. But perhaps the real lesson lies in sticking with the same doors I walk in and out of every day and simply repainting them? Or repainting myself? How about changing how I walk through them? Perhaps I could hop through them instead of slink or trudge? I could skip or pretend to swim through them. I could slide through them like a smooth operator!

I have quit my day job for reasons not pleasant*. I am looking for a new job because I’m not yet a world-renowned novelist and non-fiction champion for people like me (with depression). Bills gotta be paid.

All this job shake-up is actually really great in the long run. I’ve been way too tired to put much time or effort into Sugar and Pith and writing has been sparse (well, part of that was because I used up all my writing time to log the survey results for the last few months and that’s been really emotionally draining). I need to become more disciplined and I need a little more time than I’ve previously had to plot out my plan and steps to reaching my true professional goals.

And I need to do all of this before I die so I don’t have to hang around earth with great dissatisfaction and haunt certain peoples who truly deserve some ghost mischief to be visited upon them.

So instead of shutting down yet another blog, I’m going to stick with this one. I’m going to paint the doors and throw the windows open. But only at night when it’s not so damn hot.

*For certain persons who may or may not be checking my blog to see what I may or may not be writing about my current employment situation – I signed an agreement not to reveal any confidential business crap, but you can’t legally control what I say about my employment from a personal experience perspective (provided I do not reveal any business or proprietary information). Just thought I would put this here because I’m not stupid and I imagine that persons may be checking in to see if I say anything legally actionable. The last time I discussed my work situation (which threw a bunch of people into a tizzy) is the primary reason people now have to sign a confidentiality statement (in spite of the fact that sensitive proprietary information was removed from the premises long prior to this incident of the Blog Post and by an individual who was also caught padding her time card and stealing other items – but that didn’t provoke a confidentiality clause because – ???) Anyway, if anyone hoped I’d be saying stuff about my job to get righteously angry about, behold your disappointment!


  1. ann says:

    Isn’t it great to disappoint people who are snooping around just looking for something nasty? Good for you, dearie! I remember my grandmother saying when people point fingers there are three pointing back at them.

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