How to Have a Cold in Style

How to Have a Cold in Style

So, you have caught your death of a cold, C’est grave! The cold, she is a vixen, n’est pas?

I am here to help you dress for this serious occasion. First of all, don’t wear color. Wearing color shows an unbecoming level of optimism that may attract the vultures of fate. You want to stick to black and grey. It’s important to appear to take your condition very seriously.

A large loose comfy chunky warm sweater will keep you feeling hugged as though by a big blanket. But this is not enough – next you must wrap your neck with a very big warm shawl or scarf – big enough to cover half your face. This will help you look as pathetic as you feel. Bottoms that are soft and warm are recommended. Slippers are more convincing than going barefoot which implies you are of stout enough health not to complain about a little cold. People who are really sick always wear slippers.

Have much tissue close at hand.

Art depicting skulls or bones will make you feel a little better because you still (presumably) have flesh on yours. For now, anyway.

Your mug may be bright and sunny, for all the evil eye knows you may have had it for ages. Cling to this mug with all your strength and beg someone to keep it filled with hot liquids. If you’re truly on your deathbed you may as well make it a hot whiskey beverage.

Schedule an appointment with your local funeral home. You may survive this cold, but if you don’t, it’s the least you can do for your loved ones.


  1. robin says:

    Hoping ang praying I dont catch Johns cold and cough but if it happens now I know how to dress for it thanks and I do hope you are over this soon

  2. angelina says:

    Thank you Lisa! I am still really sick but definitely feeling less like death.

    Robin – I just saw your fb status that says you’re sick! I really hope it doesn’t wipe you out – take it easy and get out your chunky sweater and scarf!!

  3. Lonnie says:

    Excellent timing! I, too, caught the family cold but am getting better. I was amused to receive an invitation in the mail to learn more about cremation services. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Skye says:

    I think that mug looks perfect for tea, honestly. And your tissue box looks much more appropriate than the pretty floral ones that our Costco insists on selling. Colds are not pretty and floral, and neither is anything in my house.

  5. angelina says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if tissue boxes didn’t always look like Grandma decorating? I think this here is a cover for tissue boxes which I can’t really be bothered with in real life but I like to imagine I am the kind of person who would put my tissue in decorative boxes.

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