Hair Complaints

I’ve been watching a new show called “Body of Proof” starring Dana Delany.  First of all, I don’t like the main character.  Too smug.  I should like her because she’s as arrogant as Dr. House.  But I don’t because she isn’t the least bit funny or charming so the arrogance and the smugness just stands out there on its own.  She’s a medical examiner whose partner* is a police officer who doesn’t seem to have any particular use.  They work with other police officers who actually look for clues and do police stuff.

I’m not sure I like this show.  I keep watching it, maybe to see if it picks up?  Okay, I’ll admit that what I’m really waiting for is to see the character Ethan get his hair cut.  There is no excuse for such moppy hair.  He’s not a bad looking guy but I CANNOT get over the hair.  Once his hair is cut I will be able to sleep again.

Speaking of hair, Beckett** (on Castle) needs a haircut too.  The last episode (which was ages ago, those lazy actors take A LOT of breaks) featured Beckett with her long-ish locks pulled into the frumpiest hairdo ever.  (I admit a bowl cut would be worse which would be tied with a mullet.)  I have not been enjoying her hair for a while now.  When the series started out it was really cute.  Really pretty.  Now I itch to stick my hand in the screen and chop it.

I thought I missed the Royal Wedding.  I thought it was last night.  I was up (not by design) off and on all night long.  One of the many times I woke up was when it should have been happening.  I thought “I could just get the hell up and watch the damn wedding” but decided against it.  My friend Aimee just informed me that I would have been disappointed because it isn’t until tomorrow (wee hours).

I call that today, very late.  I perceive a day to really begin when I wake up at a reasonable 7am and a new day doesn’t begin until the next reasonable morning hour.  To have the new day start when it’s time for sleep is ridiculous to me.  So when Aimee says the wedding is tomorrow I am assuming that in Angelina-speak that means it’s really tonight, very very late, almost morning.  You see how having my own perception of things can lead to misunderstandings, mishaps, and missed doomed weddings?

I must now make some effort to begin work.

But all the while I’m thinking of all the nettles that aren’t being picked while I sit here at home, working.

I have become nettle obsessed.

I like to think that all across the country similarly nettle obsessed people are keeping the desperate*** tradition alive.

Cheers to nettles!

*Though I am very impressed with the actor’s American accent.  He’s not American.

**I know, everyone likes long haired women, because they think it’s sexier.  I think they’re trying to sex Beckett up.  In Stana Katic’s bio pictures her long hair is made to look all sexy but I still maintain that she is better looking with shorter hair.

***”desperate” because back before refrigeration and grocery stores spring was a lean and mean time, nutritionally, and nettles were a great way to stave off hunger and also nourish a body grown poor from a winter of dried fish and salt pork.


  1. Aimee says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, mostly because I keep hearing it’s not all that great.

    Jason’s cousin was an extra in one episode, as a secretary, though. 🙂

  2. angelina says:

    I don’t think you’re missing much. I’m not sure why but I really want to like it. I keep watching it because it’s on when there’s nothing else on Hulu for me to watch. Plus I usually love those kind of shows. I’m hoping that they do some character development in a good way and it gets more interesting.

    I didn’t know Jason had family in the industry- that’s cool.

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