A Note of Gratitude and Deep Respect to Charles Ramsey

laundry day in sf

The internet is flooded with video snippets of your extraordinary story and the inimitable way in which you tell it.  People are laughing.  People are gaping.  People are surprised out of their usual stupor as much by your heroic actions as they are by your unscripted news interviews.  You are an original.  Honest and real.

What I love you most for is not walking away from someone begging for help.  I am haunted by stories of bystanders witnessing rapes, murder, and other crimes and not lifting a finger to help.  Stories of apathy and fear, however understandable, that result in so much continued pain and suffering.  You are the person I hope I’ll be in someone else’s moment of crisis.  You are the person I hope my husband will be when someone screams for assistance even if I’m waiting impatiently for him at home.  You’re the person I hope my son will grow up to be – to have that instinct to help other human beings in desperate need.

Four people have been freed from captivity because of you.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to say the same thing about myself or anyone I know.

I have few heroes.  You are one of them.

Gandhi.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Schindler.  Charles Ramsey.




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