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entering sf

Two days ago I was desperately sewing dinner napkins for my Etsy shop and starting to panic about paying bills.  Today I am a Lady of Leisure.  Philip’s current workplace made him a counter offer to get him to stay with them and they actually offered him what he asked for.  Which means that I can become a full time writer.


The relief I feel is incredible.  The stress I have been feeling for ages, that has felt bottomless and crushing, is lifted.

Life is so weird.  I’m not closing up my sweatshop operations because we still owe thousands to the IRS and it’s not like Philip is making so much that we’re on easy street.  In fact, he’s basically just made up for what I earned at my last job.  Which allowed us to be paying bills and go out to dinner once a week and buy shoes when needed.  Which is really all I ask for.  Also – our rent is going to go up significantly if what we’re trying to work out with the house situation really works out.  So in order to ever get ahead we need to pay off the IRS.

My plan is to do a bunch of sewing in the next couple of months, use up some of my stores of fabric, make cool stuff and hopefully sell it.  Once I reach my goal of paying off the IRS I will stop sewing.  But I will still do cards with my anonymous card service and I will make booklets and a few other things like that.  While doing this I will set aside time to work on the next Cricket and Grey but it will be part time until I stop sewing for the store.  Then I will set myself full time writing hours.

This is my dream.


Jesus!  I’m actually going to be able to devote myself to writing novels.

Seeing as how the universe has just handed me my dream – I guess I better take it off of probation.

As a side note – I think it’s funny how I always talk about “the universe” as though it is a being with feelings and opinions just like people talk about God.  But I don’t actually believe the universe is a being of any kind.  Honest, I don’t.  I truly don’t believe in higher powers.  But it does make it easier to deal with life’s vicissitudes if you can blame your whiplash on someone or something.  It makes it easier to talk about and definitely more fun.

Wouldn’t it be funny to write a novel about modern woman suddenly stuck in a historical romance novel?  It would be similar to Lost in Austen in concept but instead of getting trapped in a well written classic novel it would be a cheesy bodice ripper novel where men are menacing and mysterious and say stupid stuff and make sexy poses all the time.

Well, it’s time to get this day going and do some sewing and stay out of the heat and start my life as a full time writer.



  1. simply.belinda says:

    WOOHOO!! you just tinged my day positive…. it’s nice to know when your knee deep and kicking that good things happen, even if it’s not for you today.


  2. angelina says:

    Belinda – are you knee deep in crap and struggles? How’s the baby? This summer I have once again neglected checking on my friends’ blogs for updates. I hope you get out of the mire soon too! Hang in there!

  3. simply.belinda says:

    My young man is now well over a year and a half, how on earth did that happen. He is an awesome being who regularly challenges me to find my better self but copes, not necessarily without spectacular tantrums, when I am simply not up to his challenges today and present him with the flawed being that we all are.

    We are not in any danger or peril just astoundingly frustrated about our lack of options. Having been a single parent for the better part of a year the set of options that won’t bounce us regularly off financial jeopardy and/or regular housing insecurity comes down to staying where we are. Of course the problem with that is that where we currently live although affordable and secure really is on so many levels totally inappropriate for a child his age.

    Due to severely insufficient indoor space and a total lack of fenced outdoor space I can’t grow, cook, clean or sew because to do him any justice I can’t just have him play inside for any more than 15 min at a time and as soon as I open the door I have no choice but to follow. Thus we end up on at least two +1hr walks a day and never get anything done. Thus I am leaning toward financial jeopardy to rent something that actually has a fenced yard where it would be realistic to expect him to be able to investigate and entertain himself for a bit .. and where preferably I can see him out a window when he decides he wants to be outside and I need to get on with the gritty of living and possibly earning a bit of pin money. There are cheaper properties further out of town but they require that I run a car and when that is taken into the equation those properties are no longer cheaper

    I can’t do much in the way of education from here cause we live in a regional area and there are only very limited options available but I can’t move to study cause my babysitting options that are developmentally appropriate and won’t cost a bomb live here. So right now the future looks like one ginormous struggle to pay the bills off the wages of being a checkout chick at the local supermarket.

    Then just to top off my month an awesome family friend is currently dying and probably won’t be breathing on this earth by Friday. She is as comfortable as everyone can make her and seems to be at peace but she is a truly special being who will leave a large hole in many lives when she departs.

    … So to say your news was an awesome surprise and highly uplifting may be the understatement of my week…

    Best Wishes

  4. simply.belinda says:

    Oh and while i’m griping and all.. The Australian public just resoundingly voted in one of the worst prime ministers that I hope to experience in my entire voting life. I’m sure he’s a great guy an’ all as long as you are not poor, work in a traditionally female industry, a refugee, are at all at risk, understand that the current expansionist economic model has a very limited life or care a fig about environmental responsibility.

    One of our major newspapers likened him to George Bush and I really wish I could say that I feel the comparison wasn’t apt.


  5. angelina says:

    Belinda – I want to change your situation so bad!! I often wish I was a magic person who could fix things and make things better. You’re in such a tough situation – I hope a better one materializes soon. You’re not asking for all that much in wanting a little safe yard for your toddler to play in and some affordable care for him while you study – but the same is true here for many people with regards to options being limited when you’re single parenting with the cost of babysitters and day care being astronomical (not to mention college level classes getting more and more expensive even at the Junior college level) and rents are insanely high for the level of income most people have. It sounds like this Prime Minister has the potential to make things even worse for people in your current situation. It is never a good thing to be compared to George W. Bush. I’m not happy with Obama right now what with him wanting to go in and bomb Syria – but I’m more scared for who will will be next. At least Obama has a few years left to redeem himself. AND at least he’s been way better than Bush in general.

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