Spring is Nature Screaming

This is the oldening. The lightening. The darkening. The leveling and the simultaneous rupturing. Everything is at once in harmony while vibrating with disruptive discordance.

Spring is nature screaming hoarsely into a mosh-pit of fallen stars and unexpected moonbeams.

The landscape explodes with blooms and the warming trend expands the stench of decay that flies just underneath the radar of our fear, surprising us in our sleep with images we can’t erase and that are exquisitely gorgeous and equally terrifying in the way that sex and death smell the same when we’re being honest with ourselves in stark moments of truth.

The thick sick-sweet smell of life haunts me

Where You Sleep

in my eye

Where you sleep
eyes penetrate thin sheets
eyes rust with the sweat of fear
through city curtains
into bare rooms with cords tightening
around imagined necks

the notes materialize
like sanguine schoolgirl chatter
with hatchets buried in virginal text
naked with denial and dew
every vein open now to view
hallways constrict and eyes follow

where you sleep.